A web site an acquaintance sent me. WESTECH in Canada

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by FIMCO-MEISTER, Jul 8, 2010.

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    I've thought about that aswell, i got annother thread going for the ontario guys, but i havn't gotten any locals pop up so far. I wonder if there realy is a market down here for it? I have a friend thats been a pool repair guy for one of the bigger pool companies around here for the last 6 years, if I could get some funds and open a store doing irrigation supplies and service, pool supplies and service and some gardening odds and ends..... but is there a big enough market
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    I worked with my father in Toronto years ago doing specialty restoration masonry, and got to know a few landscapers and irrigators at the time. There certainly seemed to be a lot of them around.

    From what I understand, Landscape Ontario and the IA are working pretty closely with the province and other associations to move forward in water recycling and reclamation as the most used source water for irrigation.

    Not sure how old you are, but here is one place to start the process of research, assistance, planning etc. etc. :


    Interesting program geared to "youth" 34 and under who want to start a new business.

    Signing off now. Cheers.

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