A week with my new Edgit

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Turf Dawg, Aug 8, 2008.

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    I just thought I would share my thoughts on my new Edgit. I bought this to go on my new Echo 280S. The types of lawns are Bermuda, StAgaustine and grass weeds [dalis grass-crab grass types]. First off I noticed that my speedfeed head does not work well with this, it covers up the top and you can't see the arrows. I tried my next favorite head [husqvarna one] but this would not work either because the line rubbed on the inside edge of the disk and would rub the line into in a couple of seconds.I bought a U-turn head, I do not like it as much speedfeed but it is ok. Now for the edging part. I know why they make so many types of edgers, because they all have their place. Where I liked the Edgit the most is the places with Islands because I could edge and trim at the same time. At a couple of apartment complexes I do the sidewalks have the dirt even in places and several inches down in places so this was nice for that because I could edge then trim without walking the same sidewalk twice. I will have to say on long and even places my stick edgers are faster and easier, but this Edgit for sure has its places. I was impressed as far as the trimming goes and it does have a strong suction. If I had to vote for the best looking edge it would be 1st stick edger 2nd Edgit 3rd standard trimmer. I know everbody has different needs but the Edgit is something that works well for me.
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    Glad you liked it! :waving:
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    for the speed feed just paint the arrows on the side of the head so you can see them
  4. philmdamien

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    Or just look thru the holes and spin the head...when you see daylight out the other side you're good to go.
  5. Turf Dawg

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    I did a job today where this thing was well worth the price. I have a place with a pipe and cable fence that is full of goat heads in the pasture area. I am useally coverd in goat heads when I trim this fence, but today I had a total of three.

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