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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by BrandonV, Mar 7, 2012.

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    so we have a couple of trucks with the dreaded 6.0/4.5L diesel from ford. both have given fits but nothing major yet. they'll be coming up on the end of their lease this summer. I have accumulate a ton of stress over this because these were the trucks that were bought to replace 2 of our older 7.3s (both 1997 models) fortunately we kept the old ones as backup because they've had to be on the road quite a bit (one of the trucks we've had since AUG 2008 has spent 3 months at the dealer. I've seen these "bullit proof" oil coolers/egr kits and etc available for these trucks but since they're leased I wasn't going to drop the coin for them, we have buy options at the end which was originally my plan, but as much as I hate to waste all the $$$ we've put into these trucks I can't decide to buy them or send them back. opinions? i wanted to lose the payments for a few years but the engine history/track record has me scared. what would you do?
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    Get rid of them .
    Go with a cabover.
    They hold more weight.
    There are alot of configurations.
    They are the very reliable.
    Respectable fuel MPG.
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    He stated that he had a 4.5L Ford. That is a cab over truck. They are not the best for everyone.
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    Those older powerstrokes will run for ever if you keep up with maintenance. Repairs are quicker and cheaper and don't take months to diagnose like the new trucks. You also have no emissions crap to deal with. If I were you I would run the 7.3's. But that's just me.
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    When you lease a truck, the leasing company predicts (guesses) the value of the truck at the end of the lease, and uses that number to decide what your lease payments will be. I will bet that the predicted end of lease value, is way higher than the current resale value. You will probably come out better to let the leasing company live with the deminished value.

    A friend of mine is in the middle of fixing his 2006 failed 6.0 by himself. He said he will have $6,000 in it when he finishes.

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    I would get rid of them while you still can. Just my personal opinion though.

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