A Wolf In Sheeps Clothing

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MMLawn, Mar 2, 2006.

  1. MMLawn

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    You know I guess with many years in business I should have known this. Maybe I really deep down inside did know it happens and just couldn't bring myself to accept it though so my mind played tricks on me so I wouldn't accept such.

    Today I learned that not all the MowJoes are the guys with the beat up Murrays in the trunk or the beat up Sears lawn tractor on an old homemade wooden trailer. NOPE. Some of them are ones that we think are "respectable businesses".

    I know this guy that is a local small LCO. It is just him and a couple of part-ime employees. As a person he is very respected among those that know him (or so we thought). He does full service (full mowing and landscape maintenance plus full fert & squirt) residential and commercial accounts, but again on a small scale. He drives a newer very nice 1/2 ton pickup, has a nice 16' trailer, uses only the very best commercial mowers, trimmers, blowers and edgers. Owns his own WB aerator, uses a brand name spreader and ferts, and has a spray rig.

    Sounds fine right? Yep, and that's what I always thought.

    BUT, today I learn and verify that he is NOT Licensed by the State as an Applicator, does NOT have any business licenses, and has NO insurance......AND pays his employees completely in cash and "under the table" and pays no taxes or FICA/SS, Unemployment or Worker Comp on them.......as far as taxes on himself and his business well that I can only assume, but given the above that I know is true.....well you guess.....
  2. Rich's LS

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    Wow....:nono: He's asking for trouble in a big way... Sounds like he has way to much to lose if he get's caught.. That's why it pays to be on the up and up. What part of the Carolina are you in??
  3. meets1

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    I here ya. Same with a guy in my area. We compete - but get along. I am not one to mandate certain items within the business world, but come on, no insurance, cash - although not a bad thing, no lic., it makes it tough for you and I to compete at a comptetive market price.
  4. jsf343

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    I couldn't agree more meets1. It is sooooooooooo frustrating to see people
    sign up with services you know are not legal. I just want to yell "don't use them!!" :nono: I always tell people who want to use someone cheaper to check their credentials. If we put a rock through your window, WE pay for it.
    will they?? very likely they will be loaded and out of there in record time.
    Point is... insurance matters, business license matters, paying taxes (even though I hate it) matters, all of these and more are things that add a flavor of legitimacy (sp?)
  5. sheshovel

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    OH I am so sorry..did it break your little heart MM?
    Dash all your hopes for mankind?
  6. Rev. Crabgrass

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    Yeah we all have to pay taxes and no one likes it, he will most likely find out the hard way that no license and failure to pay taxes is going to bite him in a$$. Just pay up front and get it over with. the government gets pretty sticky about money.

  7. rodfather

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    what the hell is that supposed to mean?
  8. HenryB

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    Sad to say in my area the more legit you are the more you get hassled. Below the rador seems to be the way to go. This is wrong. But a reality. Yes I'm totally legit on radar. Between chemical reports, audits licensing fees and renewals it is really disallusioning. I've seen some of these guys do big jobs, apply pesticides etc on mainstreet. No problems at all.
  9. meets1

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    Originally Posted by sheshovel
    OH I am so sorry..did it break your little heart MM?
    Dash all your hopes for mankind?

    what the hell is that supposed to mean?

    EXACTLY WHAT HE SAID??????????????/
  10. rodfather

    rodfather LawnSite Fanatic
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    I agree Henry...but I am not going backward at this point in my life. I have too much to gamble away.

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