A word to scrubs in Columbus Ga. BEWARE!!!!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by BUSHMASTER, Mar 1, 2001.


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    Well i have all ready posted a thread on what the ga pesticide div is goin to do in columbus and to day i was stopped by special enforcment again. you know just checking me out and the word is that they " special enforcement " is also on the hunt they have been told by thier bosses that they want tickets written for those cutters not having a bizz lincence (they have quotas).I think its great that this year they are suposed to stop every truck they see cutting grass and check their paper or dray tag. It seems that the city has figured out that their are more folks doing this illeagally than thought.Good for them bring it on Its about time that they crack down on it.I was also told if a saw someone cutting who did not look liget to call his mobile phone and give an adreess and a unit would be their shortly ..its nice to see tax dollars at work and in this case it helps all those who are trying to make a living the right way...what ya'll think.
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    I think that.s a good idea. My question is do they check for insurance as well. I think that should be mandatory too. If I need it then so do you. If you can't afford it get out of this and do something else.

    I had a customer call me today asking if I was gonna cut their grass this year, I said sure, why do you ask. She told me that a man that I also know was out soliciting business for his son who he is going to set up in business. She told him that I did their yard and the other 2 right beside her. She asked if he had any equipment yet and he said no, he was trying to get customers first.........

    I say you Daddies out there need to let your son figure this thing out themselves, be there for them and support them but by all means let them do the leg work!

    Kinda veered off course here....had to vent. I see a scrub in the making. Too lazy to do his own soliciting. Good of my customer to alert me though. I know a city 30 miles away was going to let the cops do their checking. If you worked down there you have to have your business license in plain view so when they pull up they don't have to stop you. I like it, go get em boys.

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    I live in a small town in Southeast GA. I did some checking with city hall about a month ago and found that out of the 15-20 lawn care companies in town, only 4 had business licenses. So I flagged down the mayor(who is also my mailman) and gave him an ear full. There was a write up in the paper last week announcing to all service companies that business licenses were to be in plain view in your truck at all times. Hope they enforce it.
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    By business license do you guys mean the EID (employee identification number)? This is all i have that states that I am a registered business. I hope this would suffice.
  5. Jusmowin

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    WOW, I wish they would do that in my area. Way toooooooo many scrubs in my area.
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    Our lazy state agency leaves it up to the businesses in a paticular field to do that work for them. It p-sses me off to see all those guys out there undercutting me by 30-50% because they have no tax resonsibility. During the season the govt. could sit on a corner in town here and watch 10 different lawn-boys(scrubs) cruising. Not only do they not pay tax they have a truck load of cash paid helpers with them. don't get me going or I may have to walk into the local state offices and scream at them lazy bas-steds.

    P.s I forwarded this thread to my state agency so this frown is for them:(
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    You don't even need that in Maryland. As long as you pay your income tax, any applicable sales taxes (none on services) and property taxes if you have over $20,000 in equpitment you can cut grass till the cows come home and nobody cares. No license or insurance required.
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    Well, Yall have about talked me out of getting into the business, I am glad I found this site before I set out 10 grand in equipment. Yall have brought up many points I hadn't thought of. Some Legit and some Beuracratic BS. I wanted to set up part time. I was prepared to get the pesticide licenses and the other that go along with it. Then I thought about Insurance, ok, maybe that won't be so bad. Then to get a businesses licenses in every town, county, and or state I have around me I could find some work in steps a bit far. Then keep up with sales Tax on services rendered. Then pay property tax on personal property, We just got the personal property tax exempt of farm Equipment (a battle we have been fighting on our county level for 5 years now). It would take so much of my spare time getting legit and paying someone's government salary to watch what I am doing that I wouldn't have time to do enough make enough money to pay for everything. Then who gets ahead? Some one riding around in a Government car spanking everyones hand who is trying to get some where in life.
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    Here in my City in SC we have to have a sticker on our windshield of each vehicle and the license visible in the truck. 350$ fine if not. Even if you just do one yard commercially. County has no requirement yet.
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    I'll bet you have a lot of retired military scrubs down there taking food off your table. As far as I'm concerned they should throw them all in jail if they don't have a license, insurance, etc. Here in central Florida we've got lots of "retirees" mowing for beer money with their 22" Murrays.

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