a WOW project by Ross NW watergardens

Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by ptjackson, Oct 17, 2012.

  1. ptjackson

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    I was fortunate to be able to do an interview with Ross NW Watergardens about a project they did and featured on our blog. The project was just awesome, local hardscape and local plants. I'd love to have a spot like this.... someday someday


    Here's one of the pics..

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  2. RussellB

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    fantastic job.
  3. ptjackson

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    sorry I linked to a large version of the picture. Here is a reasonable sized picture.

  4. alexschultz1

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    A sitting boulder would fit in perfectly on the right side. Nice work though minus the loose edge, I would have used larger stones for a high traffic area
  5. Ben Bowen

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    The edge isn't loose, it's all set in mortar on a rat slab. That particular stone is not available in a larger size. With the exception of the edges, the mortar is only recessed about 1/4 inch- so it's very usable. It is actually the only entrance to the house. The walk is about 60 feet long and averages 5 feet wide.

    Thanks again Phil!
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  6. tonygreek

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    Always love seeing your pictures, Headz. With a trip to Portland next week, and the possibility of relocating there, I look forward to you handling our landscaping.
  7. Groomer

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    that maple is a fine specimen! Really like the mix of material.
  8. meets1

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    I like the mix. Really neat too. Nice work

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