A year after buying Ferris mowers


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Mid Georgia
Speaking of older Ferris’, anyone ever use one of those that had like a motorcycle seat. Evo or evolve, something like that. I remember riding one around my dealers parking lot in like 2011. That was the only one I ever saw. It was interesting
That basically turned into the Z2 and other standers.... the Z3x was in response to Wright ZK with the dualies


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South Carolina
I run all eXmark blades old style w/the 5/8” hole on my FW. Perfect fit. Tons of aftermarket avail if dont want pay OEM prices.
Turf Tracer...What's the Exmark blade (18" length x 5/8 hole) part number you use on the FW25? I can not find them nor get any dealership to cross reference them. I've have tried a few types of blades with the full mulch kit installed only to have mediocre results.


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Its nice to have the power but the fuel consumption is crazy on big motors. I run a 1000cc kohler/ exmark. All day long pouring in a 5 gallon can. And I don't run it in max mode either.
Still, I'm intrigued by the ferris and will demo one for next purchase. Just that I float the front wheels over drop offs all the time and that would be a tough habit for me to break!

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