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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Alan Bechard, Feb 26, 2003.

  1. Alan Bechard

    Alan Bechard LawnSite Member
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    Does anyone out there participate in a program like AAA that would cover commercial vehicles and trailers???

    I cannot find one.


    Al Bechard
  2. Call your local towing agency

    set up a price should you need a tow and then make sure you go with them when you need a tow.

    Has been cheaper for us.

    Say AAA is $200.00 a yr for commercial
    Your local tow truck might only charge you $100.00 for a tow (If and when you need it).

    But if you need program ask your insurance agent. Most of them offer some program
  3. Gravely_Man

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    As pointed out this is something that I would try and set up before you need to do it. This is definitely something to plan for but hope to avoid using.

  4. paponte

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    Yes, we have roadside assistance for breakdowns, tire repairs, and towing through a local company here. We sat down and talked, and have set up a "flat" rate for our towing and tire repairs. It's great! They gave us stickers and they are in all of our trucks, so all the foremen know the number off hand. After a season of loyalty, we have all the owner's landscape accounts.
  5. LB Landscaping

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    I've got a buddy that tows for a living. I plow his lot and he tows me when ever needed. He sets up prices with companies all the time, give a few a call and tell them what you are looking for most will give you a break if you have all your towing done through them. I just hope you won't have to use them very often!!!:D
  6. Alan Bechard

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    I guess I did a Paul Harvey story there, sorry,

    OK, I travel quite a bit throughout the southeast for the type of motorcyle riding that I do. I am looking for a national service that can cover me wherever I am.

    American Motorcyclist Association has a program that tows the trailer and I just signed up but if it is hooked to my "commercial" truck, I could be in a trick. (sometimes I take the wives mowing truck to pull the trailer when it is more convienient.)

    I have belonged to AAA for several years and never needed the trailer hooked, just always assumed that they would, then it was pointed out to me that they would not.

    I do have a gentlemans agreement with a very good local tow service. We have met a few times through work and such, and I am confident he will get me out of a bind locally.

    Most towing companies with Rollbacks, most nowdays, can hook the trailer behind the rollback and away you go.

    Al B

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