Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by NickN, Apr 18, 2004.

  1. NickN

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    Local paper was doing a section on lawn and landscapes this weekend,so they call me and want me to place an ad.I decided,what the heck,since it'll be in a special section I'll get some more exposure.Went by last week with my ad.They already had one made up that was terrible.Liked my ad and the publisher comes out and says go with mine.He wished he had a color ad left he said,because mine was the best they had.(He actually said that,not me)
    I'm excited and go to get my morning paper this morning.Flipping through and I find what somewhat looks like my ad.They put part of my ad in the paper and part of the other one they had done.Kinda merged em on top of each other.
    Worst of all I had a list of services at the bottom of my ad.They cut that off and did their own,but instead of "mowing,trimming,and edging" they had "MOVING,trimming and edging".
    So,how many are gonna call me wanting me to move them now?I'm placing bets as I type that 1 out 3 will want some MOVING done.
    I think I'm gonna tell em it meant,MOVING cash from their wallet to mine.:D
  2. Gene $immons

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    I would complain, and try to get them to run a free correct ad next time.
  3. hot_wheels21

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    yeah i would call them and complain. make them run you a 1/2 page advertisement somewhere in the paper.
  4. lawnman_scott

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    Good luck complaining on that. As long as your number is right, that is something that common sence could figure out. If the people in your area dont have common sence, thats not the papers fault.
  5. grass_cuttin_fool

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    sounds like our paper here, they never get anything 100% correct, always have to compromise, I dont even consider the paper here
  6. studentlawn

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    I wouldnt ask to get anything for free, I would DEMAND it. Sounds like they totally meaning of your advertisement, plus they had no right to alter your ad in the first place.

    I would demand
    a) whatever you have already purchased should be free with corrections made
    b)they let you 'upgrade' at a lesser price

    Demand, don't ask they seem totally in the wrong
  7. NickN

    NickN LawnSite Bronze Member
    from Alabama
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    Well,I can't do another ad.This was a one time lawn and landscaping insert in the paper.They had one section devoted to nothing but lawn and landscape.I normally don't advertise in the local paper,but since this was a one time deal and specific to the business,I thought I'd try it out.
    Probably be the last time.
  8. Team Gopher

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    Hi NickN,

    Sorry about the way they handled that, but at least you placed your ad. Now you can see if it was effective or not.
  9. NickN

    NickN LawnSite Bronze Member
    from Alabama
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    That's true Gopher.I'm doing different kinds of advertising.Costs me a bit of money,but I will see what works this season.All new accounts this season have been by word of mouth,the cheapest and best way to advertise so far.The "Welcome Wagon" advertising will start up in May.A bit late in the season,but we'll see how it goes.
    Take care!
  10. Scraper

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    I wouldn't worry about one reads those things anyways...

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