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  1. americanlawn

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    Anybody else use codes/color tabs/abbreviations on their route cards?

    Or do you even use route cards? We use many and we use them often.

    TM = tank mix (Chaser ester) for hard-to-kill weeds. J/D = John Deere w/Spyker 220 electric spreader, R/O = ride-on sprayer/spreader, Z2 = Z-Two sprayer/spreader, pre x 2 = two app's of pre-emergent, commercial accounts (weekends only), etc. We use different color tabs on all our route cards to distinguish between these accounts.

    It's just like a doctors's office........they too have files on everyone, and each file has color codes for specific needs.

    Just curious if anyone else besides us does this too?? rscvp, thanks, americanlawn.:usflag:
  2. 1MajorTom

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    It is a great idea, and although we are no longer certified for fert, we do infact use the color coded system for our mowing accounts. we use color index cards for all of our customers and colors are based according to routes, and then use color coded tabs on each individual card according to price and other criteria. green tabbed cards are the money customers, the ones who spend freely.
    No matter how big or small a company is, it's a nice setup to use, and makes it real simple to pull out a certain route and take a look at it.
  3. Runner

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    Not color coded, but on our SOS, where we are required to state what type of equipment was used to apply each chem or product, There is a small blank at te end of each product line. A number goes in there. At the bottom of this list is an "equipment key". It has a list of all our equipment, and the number that corresponds.

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    some of my route slips have doreto orange in the corner some have cheeto orange on them some even have pizza red on them :)
    i like the idea i only use different color paper to print up the slips to keep them separated month to month
  5. NattyLawn

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    Damn....Before I read the rest of the post I thought "doreto" orange was a new color in the crayola box. <<DORITO>>

    I don't think we have enough customers for that system. Ours is broken down into geographical locations. Simple, and it works for now.
  6. Real Green

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    Yes, we use Real Green Lawn and Pest Assistant III. You can set the parameters to have codes for everything. They will print on your invoice and the program is ten times more efficient then route cards. You'd be amazed how this program can help you efficiently run your business as well as your routes.
  7. KLR

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    also using Real Green software

    no more route cards
  8. americanlawn

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    Well -- I still cannot convince my wife (bookkeeper) to go with a digital system. So we still use "route cards" with color tabs, etc. Actually, we closely pattern our company after the "original ChemLawn".

    I use my experience from ChemScape, cuz we still use as many as eight different colored tabs on our route cards for lawns & tree/shrubs.

    We also note "pull points"..........anybody know what this is? rscvp.

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