Abnormal Fall Cleanup - New Gear Approach

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by POWDER SL UT, Aug 21, 2012.


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    Portable Leaf Shreader???

    I've got an abnormal ongoing fall leaf cleanup with an agency that I'm seriously looking at taking on. Here are the three things that make it NOT the normal fall cleanup:

    1. It's in a widespread area not accessible with trucks or debris/leaf loaders, but it's accessible by ATV with small trailer and a couple workers.

    2. I don't have to haul away the leafs, but I'm to bag them and leave them in the locations they were bagged, and the agency will haul them away.

    3. Cleanup can easily be divided into 1/4-1/3 acre sections, blow everything into a pile and then bagged.

    Everything is very simple up to the point of bagging. I know that bagging leafs by hand is very time consuming and I'm accustomed to the speed and consolidation of sucking piles through a hose of a loader.

    I would like to find a portable micro-version of a loader that can be used by one or two guys to load bags?

    I have access to a Billy Goat with a hose, but I've never used one, and I'm considering using it. I would like to know if the Goat will work or if you know of something else better?
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    I have used a walk behind lawn vac that mulches the leaves into a canvas bag. I guess you could always use something like that and then dump the leaves into the leaf bags.
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    If you can get in with ATVs, can you just tow a regular leaf loader in, blow the leaves into a homebuilt hopper like for filling sand bags and have 2 guys bagging
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    better yet, what are they paying?? better be some serious $$

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    Thanks for the responses!!

    Yes, it's profitable. I'll be able to keep a couple guys on the project 4-days a week throughout the fall. The mini crew can stay on location the whole day (not driving to & from accounts) and not having to tie up a truck or the expense and time of hauling leafs to the the dump, offsets the bagging.

    I'm just attempting to make this more profitable by attempting to utilize a piece of equipment that will shorten the man hours on the bagging.


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