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keystone FL
I have been in the Handyman business for many years, mostly on a part time basis. But now I have went full time, and I am making almost as much in a day as I did in a week at my truck driving job. I only have maybe 3 or 4 regular lawn mowing jobs, I also do tree trimming, bush hog mowing, trash hauling, home repair,carpentry, painting, pressure washing, odd jobs etc. Now about advertising, I have a fairly large display ad in our local paper, this costs me about $18 a week, and it is well worth it. I also keep a large ad in our local yellow pages ($500. yearly), I have found that you must be consistent with your ads, In other words, you must keep these ads running until people get used to seeing them, they become familar with your name, and business. You cant just run an ad once or twice, and expect your "phone to ring off the hook". So I would say if you are serious about building a good business, keep your name out there, it may take some time, but it will pay off!

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