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???? about digital cameras


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I am thinking about purchasing a digital camera, but I wanted to know what the best digital camera for the money was. I did not really want to spend $300. What are the advantages of this camera? Can you still get film developed? How hard is it to get pics on the internet? Any info is appreciated.

Hello Everybody:

I have the Sony Digital Mavica, Model MVC-FD71 & I love it!

It uses standard floppy disk, you don't need special programs, no stupid cables to hook up to yo Puter, it can copy a disk, then you put blank in it, copy the pics, so you can give to others, it works on just about any puter that can read .jpg or.jpeg file format, which is the same as most pics on internet.

It was about $500 when I bought it, they are less now I think, it even has 10X optical Zoom. There are ones now that cost a little more, that will even record about 1 minute of video, also on a floppy!

If you looking for ease of use & something that doesn't needs to be hooked up to puter with a cable & special programs, then this is your answer. How many pics well the battery goes up to 2.5 hours in a little over a hour of charging, I think. Then just grab yourself a hand full of floppies & click away!

I rest my case!
grassmater wrote:

>Then just grab yourself a hand full of floppies & click away!

Floppys are a dead antiquated form of storage media.
The only useage they have in "modern" computing is as a boot disc for a operating system.

My Oly 490 has a 8 mb memory card that is equal to 6 floppys. A 64 mb card is = to 45 floppys.

So if your taking a motorcycle tour of FLA this winter you have the choice of carting around two memory cards about the size of a half dollar each or a box of 50 floppys.

The Oly 490 holds about 120 pics on the lowest res. on the standard 8mb card. 72mb of storage will hold almost 1100 pics.

I don't hook my camera up to the serial port to downlaod the pics. This kills the battery of the camera and if the puter crashes during download you will zap the batteries
(been there done that). So I use a floppy disc adapter called flash path by scan disk for smart media. What ones does is take the smart media out of the camera then into the flash path adapter then it is downloadable thru the "a"


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I agree with GrassMaster. I bought a Mavica MVC-FD88 this past spring. Love it! Ease of use and low cost of floppies was just what I was looking for.

JJ Lawn

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I have an OLY D-320L that I started out with. Great camera, easy to use, just point an click. I have had this for a couple or 3 yrs. Paid over $699 for it but was well worth the cost. Worth about $100-$150 now. (ain't technology great) At the time I wanted the OLY 600. But could not afford it. Glad I waited. I now have a OLY 2500L which I really love. Takes great pics. Almost like using a 35mm camera without the film.

I agree with Larry, if you get a digital camera spend a little extra on a Flash path card. It will save you a lot of time during the download process. Most camera's are real slow to download thru the serial port. I also use a USB Smartmedia Reader-writer, which is a little faster and shows up as a seperate drive.

My next step (dreaming) is the Nikon D1. Need to mow a bunch more yards for that. Can easily tie up $20,000 or more for a setup with that body.

Check out http://www.steves-digicams.com for some good reviews on various cameras. Also has a page of great pic's taken with the different cameras.



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Gainesville fla
I have the Nikon cool pix 800, It is really nice it has the compact flash card that also works with my Lyra mp3 player. I paid about $500 for it and it was well worth it.