??? about exmark turf tracers


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VA zone 7
does anybody out there use eather the turf tracer are the turf tracer HP by exmark?if so can you tell me how well they cut and hold up to daily use .They seemed to be real poupuler around here a year ago but now i dont see as many on the road.how much better are these then a rigid gear drive exmark


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I've got 4. They're great. I wouldn't compare them to a ridged deck belt drive, totally different animal- TT Hydro's are way nicer.


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I Have one and its my main mower for now because of engine trouble on the dixie and its an animal alright. It cuts very fast and nice. It has held up so far but i only have 100 hours on it. It seems like a well built sturdy machine. Ill really find out at the end of the season how well it really holds up but the cut and the speed are great in my opinion. Lazer how many hours do you have on your TTs?


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I also have 4 EXMARK. They are by far the best mower. I have 2-60 inch 19hp kaw, and 2-48 inch . We used mow with John Deere Deluxe model mowers(yellow deck, green power unit) The first EXMARK I bought, could mow twice as fast. We replaced 6 of the john deere with our exmark. We also used to put 500-600 hours per mower, now we put about 400 per mower. The way I see it, we use less equipment, less hours per piece, and more productivity = more profit. <br>My next step will probably be a lazer when we get some cash flow this year. (no snow here this winter)

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