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    my name is Marc and im 18 years old living in Berlin, CT. i worked for my dads friend who was a pro landscaper mowing both residential and commercial properties. he did a lot of hardscaping and home repairs/ carpentry too. i worked for him for two years then when i got my drivers license i decided to go out and start my own business. so i bought an almost brand new Cub Cadet G1548 belt drive WB and i was cutting most of my families lawns and had a few accounts on my street. but this year being my second year and i am graduating high school, i wanted to go big. i knew the basics and i new how to work on my machinery and do mulch, i did cleanups, cut trees, flower beds, you know the works. i did a lot of advertising and i spread almost 500 fliers out around my town and i even signed a contract for a Realtor to cut the lawns of empty houses until they are sold. i and current up to 26 residential accounts and one small commercial property. i always loved cutting grass and working outside for some reason and i don't know why. i am surprised how busy that i am this year being only my second year and i have an LLC set up already and liability insurance, i just got a trailer and my equipment list is getting pretty long. i plan to go to school in the future and take some courses on landscaping and grounds keeping but for right now im just going to work as much i can and save as much money as possibly to grow my company even bigger. i really love my job and i am always looking for more work, being in school still it is kind of hard to get a lot done so i work everyday after school till dark and most of the weekends but i don't care because im making a lot of money and getting my name out there. well, thanks for listening to my story. any feedback?

    Thanks, Marc
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