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about me


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yakima wa
My name is Tyler I run a small lawn and garden business I use two 21" snapper commercials, a 4stroke commerical crafts man weedeater, a two stroke husqavarna trimmer, and an 82 GMC 6.2l diesel as my primary rig. This is my second season

J & D Greens

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Hi Tyler,
Welcome to lawn site, you will enjoy learning, venting and just getting to know a lot of great people here.
I'm in my fourth season running part time by myself. How do you like your snappers? Are they new ones? I have a very old commercial snapper that is a great mower, it has a 5 hp Briggs on it. I use it to do the final clean up after the bulk of the leaves are taken care of. I am using Toro-Prolines with the Suzuki motors on them as of right now to do the bulk of my mowing. How many accounts are you up to? Talk to you later. David


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waterbury, ct
Let me know if you need help with anything. We have a great deal of information that will help you.



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Ontario, Canada
Welcome to the forums!