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? about plate compactors


LawnSite Member
St. Charles, Mo
I have rented a few different brands of plate compactors. Its about time for us to buy a few. The rental stores have like 3 or 4 different brands so every time I rent one its a different brand so I can't compare them. We manly will be using them for walls and brick pavers. So i'm just wondering what you guys use and perfer.


LawnSite Member
I just bought one used its a Stone with Honda engine its new to me so I can't say how good it is but I did check around and the Stone co. does have a good rep this unit cost 2200 new I found it for 850 in the local classifieds.

Project Earth LLC.

LawnSite Member
New Jersey
I still rent them..and the reason is this: YOUR BASE **WILL** CRACK!

Make sure if youre going to buy one that you get one with a STEEL bottom! That way when it cracks, you can weld it. Friend of mine and I were talking about that just 2 weeks ago and he told me if I ever DID buy one, MAKE SURE it has a steel bottom!