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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by danmc, Apr 6, 2005.

  1. danmc

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    We're getting ready to build 4 paddocks for horses. Each one is 100' x 100' with 15' between each paddock. We will be renting a bobcat with a 9" auger. The holes should be a piece of cake, getting everything lined up is the issue. Would it be best to get the first post in and use a string to line up each additional hole? Is there some type of laser pointer (like the kind on levels) that is bright enough to see in the daylight on grass? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  2. opplandscape

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    I'm finishing 450 feet of privacy fence. 62 posts. One side was 200 feet. Used a string line. Figured out where my first corner was, established 90 degrees and ran the line between two stakes. Measured my spacing and marked with paint. Bobcat and auger later.... all holes dug in a straight line... It worked out pretty well. Another option would be using a transit level. Once it's set in the right direction, you can line up your holes......
  3. Grass Cake

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    imho ....string it
    cheap and has worked for ages :)

    btw....set your outside corners first...string it off and work your way inside
  4. cndhaines

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    a easy way to get your angles it the rule of 3 4 5 set your first pole and string up where u think they need to be then on one leg measure out 3 feet then on the other leg measure out 4 feet the distance between the 2 should measure 5 feet. use a line level to get the rest plumb, then if u make a spacer board u get even measurements when puting up your boards. it also looks good if u cap off the top of the fence with the same boards u used for the rails it gives it a boxed in look and provides alot of strength to the fence too

  5. danmc

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    Thanks for the great advice. We're supposed to start on Monday. I'll post pictures so you can see how it turns out.

  6. MarcusLndscp

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    When we do a job like that we usually set the first post in the line and then the last post. We then run a string from one to the other and match all posts in between the two to the string line. Works like a charm.

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