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about power-raking


LawnSite Member
gillette wy
we just got 2 feet of snow dumped on us here in ne wyoming a few days ago.
it's going to be awhile before i can get back into my yards, and here's the question. i was doing power-raking with some of my spring clean-ups before the blizzard hit us. now that the snow is starting to melt off, the grass is popping up really really green, and i'm not sure if i should still power-rake once i can return to work, or should i not. am i only supposed to power-rake when the grass is dormant, or what? i checked other threads and some say only when dormant, and others say it doesn't matter. this is my first year to offer power-raking, and just my second year with my business. don't want to wreck one of my valued customers yards! can you help me out with any advise about this please?