? about scag clamshell and/or briggs 35hp l/c

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by tranum, Jan 16, 2007.

  1. tranum

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    thinking about a new scag this yr. i have 2 turf tigers with kawis (27 & 29) that i really like, but i am interested in the l/c 35 briggs. anybody have any experience with this engine? i always like "more" power & i guess this is about as much as they offer on the t/t. (although the 25 diesel kubota being offered in 07 might be strong.)
    also, would like to hear any opinions on the clamshell collection system. i currently use a g/h 721d for collection & cleanups but it is getting some age on it & i would like to go all scag.
    did a quick search but didn't come up with much...thanx for comments.:dancing:
  2. jtkplc

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    What size deck? If you're thinking of pairing a 72" deck and the 35 L/C Vanguard, then I think that would be a great combo.
  3. tranum

    tranum LawnSite Member
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    it will be a 61" deck. i know that may be overkill but with power, i think more is more.
  4. rob1325

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    I have the 35 LC with 61 with No bagger. Plenty if not to much power, but if you are running a bagger, you will need that extra power. The machine is heavy without bagger, with bagger going to be even heavier. The dislikes: I don't think it is a comfortable machine. The seat doesn't go back enough with the 35lc because it hits radiator. The 29HP is much more compfortable for me because it has the room to go back, I am 6'1" tall. Though check for yourself, you may like it. I Also, don't like the advatage deck that I have, leaves alot of clumps. Seems motor is to powerful for deck, though the new Velocity deck is very nice and clears up this problem. I also had a head gasket blow around 700 hours. I did not use the machine to check if it runs right because it blew in late October and did not get it back for three weeks later. Dealer had problems getting parts which would never happend with my Kawi's or Kohler's. I will see in spring once grass starts growing to see how it runs. All in all power is great though you will eat more fuel that 29 DFI Kawi. Lastly machine is very heavy and tears up lawn when turning if not careful. If you have any other questions please ask. Sorry can comment on bagger for that machine.

  5. green acres lawns

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    I have the clam shell bagger on a 52"tiger cub. Cuts clean and picks up great.(as good as my walker). 61" wide on the 52" deck so it will fit where my 61" tiger with mulch kit fits. Only problem I have had is no signal to tell you when its full, like my Walker has. This caused me to burn up the blower belt in thick wet grass.
  6. tranum

    tranum LawnSite Member
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    i actually plan to put the bagger on one of the older mowers..use the new for strictly mowing. my dealer in about 100 miles from me so they are mailing an 07 brochure that i should receive today. weight is an issue and one reason i was thinking about the briggs rather than the kubota diesel engine. hope the brochure will give weights. other than more power & the stronger clutch, i really have no problem w/the kawis. they have served well. might need to just stick w/them..??..
  7. rodfather

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    We have a couple of Hasty clamshell type baggers on a 27 hp (61" deck) and a 31 hp (72" deck) for fall clean up purposes. IMO you can't do wrong with them...we love em.
  8. tranum

    tranum LawnSite Member
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    with the g/h collection system i'm using i know there are certain parts that i have to replace every 2-3 hundred hours. fan, blower housing being the primary ones. i work in conditions that introduce a lot of sand, soil, dirt into the vac, so it's getting pretty much "sand blasted" a lot of the time. i'm wondering if the scag componets are reasonably heavy duty. bear in mind, i"ve never seen one up close, much less seen it work. (i will b4 i purchase) just trying to get some input from user that have a few hundred hrs on one. pros & cons.....thanxs
    p.s. this is not my 1st rodeo.....just would like to learn from other's experiences..........

    rodfather.... is hasty an aftermarket or maybe they build for different mfgs??
  9. rodfather

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