?? about Selling My Landscape Dump NPR on Ebay

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Ric, Dec 13, 2006.

  1. Ric

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    I am planning on selling my Diesel Isuzu NPR Landscape dump on E bay. Has Anyone every done this? What might be the best way to present it?? The problem is the age of the Truck being a 1995 with only 109K miles. It still runs great and I wouldn't be afraid to drive it cross country. But it a little faded and the seats are worn. My dealer who has serviced the truck from day one, tells me it is worth between $ 7 & 8 K Minim here in Florida and worth a lot more up North. But I took the License Plates off it when they expired in Oct. A new out of State owner can get a 30 day tag with proof of insurance. But delivery of the Truck becomes an other question should I have to deliver it.
  2. Eclipse

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    Be as descriptive as you can but no need to write a book, just the major details. Also take several pictures from several different angles.

    I don't know that I think it would be worth more up here. Most guys want a truck they can hang a plow on too. JMHO
  3. RHayden

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    I've never sold one, but have bought our last three off ebay. Be honest and straight forward with the description, include the service history and take plenty of pictures inside and out. Let the buyer handle pick up or delivery of the vehicle unless you are willing to deliver for a fee. I'm with Eclipse on the price. I don't think it would go for much more than that up here either.
  4. Lawnchick22

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    why are you selling? is it diesel or gas?
  5. Grass-Masters

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    you just sell it, let them figure out how to transport it. I have bought and sold about 5 vehicles on ebay. thats how it was on all of them. good luck.
  6. Ric

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    It is Diesel and I am selling it because I sold my business almost two years ago. I am now 66 yrs old and semi-retired. I still do Fert & Squirt. I kept the Truck because it runs great and I might have a need for a Heavy duty truck. But After two years the Battery has gone completely dead from not being used. Why should I keep paying insurance on it when it doesn't get driven? I really like the truck and will miss it when it is gone. But the fact is, it will last longer being used than sitting.


    I read on one of the Forums that Cab overs make good Plow trucks. But then what does a guy from Florida know about Plowing!!


    Then you are agreeing with My dealer as to the selling value of the Truck?? I though it was rather Low, but then again it is 12 years old now.


    Yes I will have to let the buyer worry about transporting the Truck. However I did check out the Tag issue since it doesn't have a current tag. However I would be a fool to let someone drive the Truck away still registered in my name.

    Thanks to all for your replies. I will put it on E bay with a reserve and if it doesn't sell now I will wait until spring and try again. I know it will make some landscaper a happy Camper, because I sure was a Happy Camper with it when I was in Landscape install business.

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