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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by mbsudd, Jul 15, 2009.

  1. mbsudd

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    Theirs a guy i know that said he got stopped by dot the other day. They told him he had to get some kind of different tag for his truck other than regular state tag. i heard this trough another guy. just wondering what kind of tag it would be. im in sc so i dont know if it different from state to state or not.
  2. mx315

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    Varies State to State. In Florida you don't have to have DOT stickers or special plates unless you are over 26K pounds... or cross state lines. I have an F350 pulling a 20 foot enclosed trailer and heard about people getting pulled over, so I called the FHP & FDOT yesterday and got the correct info. In some States it's only 10K pounds. Call your SCDOT & HP to know for sure, don't take somebody's word for it.
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    Some states it's 10,000 pounds, also it's not how much it actually weighs or what you have on it but it's
    figured by the RATING (GVWR)... But check with SC DOT so you can be sure where you stand.
  4. mbsudd

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    From what i seen online at scdmv it says a vehicle gvw has to be 11,000 or less in order to keep a reg tag. so i dont no why the dot officer made him get a diff tag. cause i know he is not carry that much weight and im only at about 6000 gvw myself.

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