About to board up truck for leaves...

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by dcplace2004, Oct 2, 2005.

  1. dcplace2004

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    I know I am late, but I had to repair truck...I was wondering what size plywood to use...they are usually 5x8 pieces, but the thickness is the question...I want a thickness that will be strong, not flimbsy...Also, I was wondering what boards will fit in the holes of the bed of a ford f150 8 foot box...do I need to cut the boards for the holes?...thanks...
  2. Fubba

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    I've never done this before. However, I've worked a lot with wood and have built all kinds of crap out of plywood. They normally run in 4' by 8' sheets. 3/4" plywood is good and strong. You could even go 5/8 or even 1" if you wanted for added strength. 3/4 should be good enough though. As for the F150 question, someone else will have to chime in.
  3. RyanD

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    Yes... you will need to cut the boards. That is assuming you are talking about using 2"x4". I guess you could use a smaller peice of lumber but I wouldn't. The 2"x4" should work best. The "holes" in the bed of the truck are not big enough to accept a 2x4.
  4. rookiemower

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    i've never seen 5x8 sheets. and 3/4 would be plenty strong for a leaf box. :cool:
  5. RedWingsDet

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    Heres mine. I have an 8 foot bed, but I have a toolbox, so its really a 6ft. So I built up the 6ft of bed up 2 more feet. heres what it looks like.

    I just attached the boards together by using 4 2x4's and bolts. Then I mounted the stakes for the stake pockets. Put them in the slots, and then put a peice of wood across the top so they would sway when driving. They work great.


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