About to buy z-turn, what would you guys recomend?


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I am about to get a zero turn most likely next week. I am trying to do as much research on these guys as possible. I am just begining a business and am not too familiar with the best most durable zt for the money. I m currently looking at a dixie chopper, but also like the walker because of its many attatchments, including the snow blower for winter time. I would appreciate anything you guys have to offer. A local shop advised me to look into a great dane chariot. I just dont know what to get, or what is the most reliable. I am looking for around a 52" deck and would like it to have mulching blades. are mulching blades a better setup or the side discharge? Another point I liked about the walker is the interchangable decks. One thing i dont like about the walker is the third wheel and that i hear it is slow. I currently have an echo trimmer, and a 32" scag walk behind to get me rolling on the small lawn side, and am about to purchase a red max blower. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.


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we use Exmark Lazers> the walker is nice but little pricey, the chopper is also a good mower speed good cut and easy to fix. the dane I dont know about.
about deck size i would go with 60 or more incaase you get bigger lawns
this is just my views
good luck


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I would look at what geopgraghical area you are in an the type pf lawn sizes. If the lawns are small and the grass is fine somtimes a large area wb and even a sulky is the best and most economical solution. If you are set on a z. and the lawns have hills, trees, or lots of abstacles you need to have something with an offset deck or else after tiem you will end up with rings and thining grass around trees and the areas you outline. I have owned 4 exmark products. very durable and very solid. They have a clean cut and exellent mulching systems. they have high blade tip speed to-very important if mulching and side discharging. I the guys in the area are side discharging then mulching is the way to go. It has it's plusses. you can offer the plusses of mulching and even afew dollars per cut. If they bag, you can still sell the mulching and you won't have to worry about extra time bagging and disposal. you might have to cross cut but it is still faster. Walker is a great mower. they are more manuoverable then a mid mount z but they are more sensitive and do not go as fst. a definate minus in large area mowing. The walkers take much more maintiance. Ask you r dealers. Dealers are very important. Warranties and quickness of service is important from dealers. Attachments are good but usually ther are as or more expnsive then if you bought the machine separatley. A good ground blower is a few hundred dollars. hoe much is the attachment for the walker and what about the snow blower? I am intereasteds with you question. If you have time tell me about your areas and the types of property you are servicing.


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The Walkers are good. With the speed up pulley they are fast
enough. I like the steering,nice and sensitive. Look at
the 26hp efi.Very economical and torquey.


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In looking for a ZTR,if you have big areas and hills,especially side hills,you might want to get a 60" over a 52" machine.Most 60" have wider chassis and hold a hill much better,There isnt a lot of places a 52 can go that a 60 cant.If you have a dealer thats close,and sells DC,Exmark or whatever,go take them for a spin,see what feels best to you.Most ZTR's are good,so try em out and I always get a parts list when i ask for a price on equipment.Important prices are spindles,wheel motors,hydro pumps,electric clutches,etc..These will be the things you will be buying down the road,if they arent available or very expensive-you might want to consider a different brand.I even asked what they had in stock for my machine,I was impressed with the inventory for DC's.Since they sell mostly DC,they have almost anything you need in stock,and are open weekends.

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I have found Dixie Choppers to be very reliable and last a long time. The reason I say that is, I just got done doing the 151st oil change on the oldest one. 3,050 hours on it and it still hangs in there with the new Chopper. :)