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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by cookmastaflex, Sep 7, 2011.

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    HI everyone! im new to the site and have been reading my butt off admiring everyones good and not so good posts. Everyone seems passionate about this line of work... Im about to start my own landscaping business as all of you already have and have a few questions. ill just list them to make it easier...

    1) is 12k enough to start if i already have a truck(f250 7.3 diesel)
    2)what are the bare essentials equipment wise to make a steady profit
    3) Is a hustler trimstar a stand up mower
    4) is piggy backing off of a friends real estate company worth the effort(sells 30 houses a month)
    5)whats a big beginner mistake that you didnt now before you started

    thanks for all the expertise advise in advance!!!!
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    1) 12k should be enough
    2) you'll need at least a good string trimmer(straight shaft) and a blower backpack preferred hand helds arent bad tho.
    3)about the hustler i wouldnt know. Try to look into different brands such as exmark, scag, ferris. Just buy one with the best and closest dealer to you.
    4) sounds like youve got some potential business there
    5)Big beginners mistake, my guess would be lowball. Just becuase your new doesent mean you have to charge less then your competition!

    Good luck this season!

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