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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Frontier-Lawn, Oct 11, 2004.

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    I'm About to give up trying to startup my lawn business. All I have a 21" Toro push mower, ryobi trimmer, and a craftsman edger. and paper work, cards, envelopes. And Really I don’t fell like mowing a 1/2 acre or more with that mower. plus I have to register a fictitious name with Florida ($50) and get a ocp ($20) license from Sarasota county. and I have no money or credit to get the things I need to finish and start mowing. if someone has any ideas I would like to here them. Plus i have a lowered frontier without a hitch, or trailer.
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    Then why bother posting for web help in the previous post? I'll point out that in your other thread you started re: having crappy credit and no equipment, you received several good ideas. Your reasons for giving up (read: quitting) are pathetic at best. If $70 for a license and name are too steep, and you made no mention of insurance, I'd suggest you try the profession out by working for an LCO first. Apparently Venice, Fl has nothing less than a half acre for you to mow? It sounds like you are too lazy to try to find customers. Sell the pimp ride, buy something practical, and buy second-hand equipment to get started.

    Do you want spoon fed? Someone to show up at your house and give you the secret key to wealth without lifting a finger? Actually, forget all of the above, the thoughts I provided in your other threads, the help others provided, and quit. We'll all be the better for it instead of wasting our time.

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    as for selling the pimp ride as you call it i owe $7,000 on it and it is worth $5,000 so if i did sell it i still be in the whole now WON'T I !!!!!
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    First off, you have enough to do most urban yards. Most are little more then 60 x 60'. I was living in Gainesville Fl. for a while and believe me, a rider is a liability. I have a 44" ZTR and a 44" cut tractor. Both were too big for the lots in the neighborhood where I was living. I used my 21" Toro push mower and my string trimmer to do the yard. It took a grand total of 1 hour with mowing and trimming. Most guys get around $35 for a small lot like that. I know a guy in Jacksonville who does only four lawns in his neighborhood a week and takes home $560 a month. Since these lawns are all in his own neighborhood, he actually pushes his 21" mower to each one so there are no travel costs. He has a blower, string trimmer, hedge trimmer and a 21" push mower. He could actually get more jobs but he doesn't have time what with his day job and all. It isn't till you get to a half acre or larger lawn that you really need to consider a tractor, big walk behind, or ZTR. Personally, if you are serious, dump the chopped, lowered truck with the garbage can exhaust and buy a full sized Chevy or something that you could load a small commercial walk behind in. Work with what you have till you can build up a clientel, then put together enough to make a down payment on a good commercial mower. Keep your 21", You'll need it for the small stuff. You need to get your priorities straight. Number one is to buy and keep only things that can make you money. Once the cash flow becomes real positive, then you can spend money on toys and such. I sold off a classic 62 Tbird and several other things when my day job forced me to move to Florida. Rather then invest this money in another car, or toy, I put it into a Hustler Mini Z, 14' trailer, two string trimmers, a chain saw and a back pack blower. I still work my day job, but guess what. They just announced that I will most probably be getting layed off the beginning of November. Yea, I'd rather have a cushy day job working in an air conditioned office, but mowing beats going hungry or loosing the house. Because I planned ahead, I have a complete commercial rig
    able to handle lawns from postage stamp size to a couple acres and it's all paid for. You can do it too. You just have to set your priorities. You sound young. I envy you. Many of us are middle aged and many are starting into this business because we have to do something to make a living because of the constant corporate cutbacks. The great thing is that there are a lot of well off people out there who are allergic to manual labor and who are willing to pay. Works for me.
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    Then make the pimp ride work worthy. If you had the money to do all that stuff, then you should be able to pull some together to get it work ready.

    There are people that are not cut out for this business. You must be a go getter and have thick skin. You must crawl before you walk. The only successful businesses are those built with sweat, tears and determination. If you are letting a few dollars for this and a few dollars for that deter you, you probably should look into something else.

    Good luck with whatever you do. When you decide, go for it with everything you have. You have 2 choices. 1. Determine to make it work and except nothing other than success. 2. Go aimlessly into the work and hope it works out.
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    So quit, think anyone will notice you never started :realmad: If you want some thing bad enough you will get it, you want it handed to you, and I don't think threre will be a line forming to get you started.

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    Hi icc1701a,

    You have to get a toe hold somehow. Consider writing down how you CAN make it work. What could you do with what you have now. Then once you get going you will be able to grow. Always focus on the positive.
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    If you have a negative attitude about things or let others pursuade you, you will never succeed. Many people start with a lot less than what you have. Suck it up and make it work!
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    Okay, I'll bite. I posted the above with hopes that I would draw some form of passion for this out of you. Instead, you told us you were way upside down with your loan and that you don't like the term "pimp ride". You made no mention of anything else I said which is indicative of your drive. :sleeping:

    Doing a search of your threads you've started over the last few months, it's the same thing over and over again. You want to spend your "first 50k you earn on a big truck", blah blah blah yet in the 7 months you've been posting the sob credit story, you've apparently not...taken...one...step to help yourself get going. Spending a hundred bucks on Nebs does not make you a business person. It's all in one ear and out the other. Here's a list of replies to you that you have not ever once responded to with "great idea" or "i'll give that a shot" or even any indication that you want to do anything but whine about what to do. (I'm not posting this to be a prick, just trying to get you to slap yourself in the head and do some leg-work.)


    Your credit may be a blessing in disguise, you are really better off to try to get started slowly with used or shitty equipment, then develop a few customers & work your way into better stuff as you start mowing more. It's hard enough starting out, then add to it being in the hole!

    I was broke & had no credit initially & slowly worked into decent equipment. It helped that I slowly began a relationship with the local dealer, so he gave a little slack here & there 30-60 days on an open account.
    I wholeheartedly agree with Justmowit. The majority of any new business started is done so by boot-strapping in some way. I've always thought it's the best so that you develop a keen sense of budgeting, even if you're bringing 20k to the table.

    If that means a couple of hundred bucks for a used 21" and another bit for a trimmer and blower then you can mow the majority of yards. It'll take you longer, but it'll produce the cash you need. Go door to door with flyers. You can go to OfficeMax or Office Depot and get one-sided copies for pretty cheap. 6,500 on white was 2.7 cents, 3.7 cents on a colored paper. Low cost and you can target your neighborhoods with greater accuracy than inserts or ads. Check out any of Gopher's templates and you'll look more professional than if you fumble your way through designing your own.
    The thing about credit is that the money is expensive and you have to make regular payments and all that. You have to pay it back with interest which is difficult to do when first starting out a business cause you don't know when you will or will not be making money. Also, its easy to lose track of 50k that you just got a loan for cause it seems so much that a few hundred here or there falls through the cracks.

    We have had much better success earning money before we spend it. We have learned much more, disciplined ourselves better and made more money.
    icc, is the rider imperative at this point?
    trailers can be had very inexpensively on the second-hand market. same with a blower. hitches are not difficult to install, so you can save money there if you are up to it.
    If you will reinvest $50,000 into your business you are foolish to spend it all on a new truck. Buy equipment first, then a used truck. And why a Nissan with a V6? Buy a real 3/4 ton up truck that is made to do what you will do with it.
    a nissan? your kidding right? rather than putting a turbo on your nissan, why don't you get a truck more suited to the job?
    what do you need the sprayers for?

    if your not getting the trailer until june, how are you going to get your stuff back and forth in April and May?

    519 is a pretty low score, but you still might get a dealer to finance the mower for you.

    although they are nice to have, you could operate your business without the power washer, sprayers, brush cutter attachment, and hedge trimmers.
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    sorry i was looking online with the florida goverment websites. besides a fictitious name and a sarasota county occupational licence. is there anythig eles i need to get? to start and were can i thoese templetes.

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