About To Go Postal Over Scabs...

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Albemarle Lawn, Mar 25, 2002.

  1. Albemarle Lawn

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    Commercials are price shopping around here and as a result prices are less than last year.

    It's killing me. I just got fired from a private school that we cut for $750. Many of my colleages told me I should have charged $1000-$1500 per cut. Apparently now it is being cut for much less than $750.

    Can't forget to mention we also converted the school property from a barren wasteland to nice turf last fall.

    Made it nice and pretty for the SCABS to come play.

    Can't charge what I could 5 years ago, and our quality and service is always praised.

    ABOUT TO START SHOOTING or Just Drinking.

  2. proline32

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    Hey, I feel for you man.. but you just gotta diversify and get away from those types of problems, every spring thier is a new batch of cutters out and by fall many of them have gone to the wayside..... Commercial prop managers don't give a rip about you or your business unless you kiss thier butt..... This is why I no longer do commercial work.
  3. Barkleymut

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    All those UVA dropouts must be picking up a Crapsman and goin to work!
  4. BRIMOW525

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    I feel ya dude! Lost an account that i had for 2 yrs. Looked like crap when we started, got it looking good. BAM! New management this year..."Your charging us too much... We've found someone else" I know he underbid me because he did work in the mulch beds that we were told they didn't have money to do that. I know in the long run that people that underbid will get bit in the a## but they don't realize that they hurt themselves by charging less and hurt others by drawing down the price on certain scoops of work and make it hard to maintain and keep a business afloat. The underbidding has gotten so bad around here that people are doing state contracts for less then what they were paying 10-12 years ago!! That's pathetic!! Some of us want to start some kind of association that you must meet certain stardards and charge accordingly for jobs. And promote this to customers or potential cleints. So they all know if one hires a contractor from this association that they will expect a certain quality of work and so on and so forth. I mean if u call a plumber or heater guy.... just to ride to your house..$50 service call. You know how rich we'd all be just charging $25 per estimate!? I don't ride around with a $30k-$35k rig for NOTHIN'! People have to open their eyes and smell the mulch! OK done venting. And its only March
  5. RB

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    I feel your pain! I've been there a few times over the past few years. After the last time I decided to trade my commercials for some good residentials. I now only have two commercials to get rid of this year. I sleep so much easier with residentials on contract.

  6. KirbysLawn

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    Good reason to take before and after photos of all properties you maintain. When they start shoping around give them photo reminders of how far they have came. My new website has a login page for each customer & a photo, hope to add a before and after photo to their page so when they log in they will be reminded often of the improvement.

    Here is one example, notice the large dead spot in the first photo, former LCO sprayed a few weeds their, killed everything around, there were 5-6 of these around the lawn:

  7. Twotoros

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    That is what really burns me. Someone comes along that does it cheaper and then were are are accused of charging too much. I feel like being legit is just getting too hard.
  8. toby

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    Generally those LCO's who are legit have superior equipment & more experience than scrubs. This should enable legits to lowball the scrubs if certain productivity, & overhead reduction techniques are implemented.
  9. Chuck Sinclair

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    Been there!

    I had a lady call for an estimate today said she is looking for some one LONG term, she has had for of our local scubs just stop showing up in the last year. i let her know up front i'm not cheap!
  10. scott's turf

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    Mowing is a hard way to make a living. I just do it part time and do fine but the equipment I use costs far less than other guys. I have a $6k truck, $1k trailer, 2 $1.5k wb and about $1k of other stuff needed to just mow lawns. That is only about $11k. Many other guys have a mower that costs more than that, let alone all the other expenses. A $30k truck and $10k mower is not going to be more 4X more productive than my setup. Profit is the bottom line for me and should be for everyone. Almost anyone can mow a lawn. This brings out lots of competition and drives prices down. Expand the biz to other areas needing more expertise and less competiton from "scrubs."

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