about to miss a bid & have flagstone questions

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by TPnTX, Oct 16, 2006.

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    I got a call over the weekend. A maintenance customer had asked me for a bid earlier for flagstone work and I didn't get back to him him soon enough.

    I'm scrambling right now to throw some numbers together. I called a local supplier and they gave me a number of a guy who does stone.

    The bid is for overlay on a patio and concrete walkway plus a good sized 3ft pathway.

    The guy I called told me 5.50/sqft for the overlay and 4.50 for the pathway using decomposed granite.

    Now I know I don't have enough info and I've got a lot more calls to make. But isn't that way too low for even ballparking a price?

    I'm just going to add 10% if I can and sub it out.
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    thats got to be just for labor
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    yep we're looking at around 11-12.00 per sqft in these parts.
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    I came in at 11.00sqft for the overlay and 10.00sqft for the other.

    440 sqft was overlay on an existing patio and steps/walk leading to it.

    600sqft was for setting in sand with decomp granite.

    The other part of the job that I didn't bid on yet was to line 600 linear ft of edging with mossy rock. (football size) He only wants the rocks placed on the ground.

    I used 1 - 1 1/4" thick oklahoma flagstone for the overlay and 2" for the other.

    I was over $1000.00 higher and the other guy included the mossy rock which he listed for $1/ft.

    Now this person has already done a round flagstone patio about 25ft diameter. All this new flat work leads to it. The existing patio looks bad. It' not level, it follows the contour of the ground. Wavy probably describs it.

    I told the customer that if he's happy with the guy and he under bid me 1000.00 plus the mossy rock then clearly he would be better of going with him.

    I said that instead of telling him how crappy his patio looks and if the guy does the same type work on the new stuff... He' s a maintenance customer so I didn't want to p iss him off. I figure he has to know how crappy it is. I need to follow up tactfully and tell him how much better I will do it.

    Also no matter how much you clean and sweep. The decomp grantite is always comming out of the joints. I don't now if it because theres too much or what. Everytime I mow I blow the exess off but it keep comming back and covers every flag stone.

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