About to place my order on a blower, last minute help wanted!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by RonWin, Oct 10, 2012.

  1. RonWin

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    Purchasing a Billy goat walk behind blower (F1302H) OR the Billy Goat self propelled walk behind blower (F1302SPH) off ebay. Prices are $1,599.00 for non self propel and $1,899.00 for Self propelled. Is it really worth an extra $300 for self propelled? Or is the pusher easily to handle even at 160lbs with all the wheels ? Also is ebay a good bet for cheapest? My thought was to get the cheapest new piece of equipment rather than spending an extra $500 from the dealer, if something breaks it has to be repaired regardless and that costs money. Also was thinking of contact the seller to give me a packaged deal if i puchase one of those high powered backpack blowers like the redmax 8500? or the echo 770 ? Advice needed please! Will be placing the order later tonight as to have it readily availible for the fall cleansup that are rapidly approaching ( aka a week or so). Thank you so much for the advice ahead of time, i know you guys know your stuff!
  2. LandFakers

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    Save your back, arms, legs, etc.. And get yourself the self propelled if it's only 300 more. And I'm all about buying something from somewhere else as long as you have dealer support close by.
  3. ProStreetCamaro

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    Dont know if you would be interested or not but I have a brand new 14hp subaru powered Gravely blower I have been thinking about selling. Bought it new along with my new 460 mower this summer. Our lawns have some leaves in the fall but im not sure there is enough to warrant the money we spent on the blower. I think it was $1400. I would be willing to let it go for $1000 if you wanted to come down to maryland and pick it up. It has absolute incredible power and starts first pull every time. We haven't used it on a job. Just tested it out at home.


    If you are set on the billy goat then I would spend the extra and get the self propelled.
  4. krzys555

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    i am surprised that there is almost no difference on price.
    around here fradan is the most popular followed by little wonder.
    fradan is about $1000 more and 800 more for the little wonder self propped.
    it is worth every penny for us to upgrade our units.

    150 lbs is very heavy to push on 3" grass up a hill
  5. RonWin

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    I think that the round trip with gas and time spent would not be worth it but i appreciate the offer, if it was new never used before i would take you up on it.

    I g uess ill have to get the self propelled, i dont want to be roughing it anymore than i have to and we all know that a look over the work is not the same as actually doing the work, thanks guys!
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    THEGOLDPRO LawnSite Fanatic
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    Ask your hamstrings at the end of the day if its worth the extra money for the self propelled.
  7. WorldsStrongestLandscaper

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    And this is why most landscapers don't look like a typical landscaper from the 80's& 90's geese push the freaking blower guys. Extra $300 now is going to be an extra $500-$800 to fix the drive in 4/5 years down the rd. what ever happened to doing leaves for 30 days straight 12 hrs a day then looking at urself in a mirror in December going " yes sir Pushing that blower paid off". Remember this " work like a slave,eat like a king,look like a god". Unless ur on a 2 acre lot or a golf course using a cyclone self propelled that can actually move at a decent pace ,if ur strong enough u can defiantly push the blower faster even up hills than the self propelled ones. Now All u slackers that love ur riding mowers, Don't get offended. It's just the truth.
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  8. MOW ED

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    While I agree that it is important to stay in somewhat of decent shape I have to disagree about working like a slave. Not a slap as I know you can probably physically work any of us to embarassment however my business is about time. Time is money and I have to do things as fast and efficient as possible in order to make money. Lets use this same philosophy for snow. Would you use a hand shovel to do snow for your customers? It wouldn't be too profitable but you certainly would be in shape but poor in shape. You have to work as they say "smarter not harder" in some respects.
    I do love riding but I love it not because I am a slacker or lazy, its because it makes my pockets heavier and that makes my quads work harder! :cool2:
  9. Darryl G

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    The problem I see with self propelled is that it only goes forward when you really need it to go forward and in reverse to keep blowing the leaves in the same direction. Wheel blowers on lawns wear me out so I don't use mine anymore. I'd rather use a big backpack blower.
  10. RonWin

    RonWin LawnSite Senior Member
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    cant u still push a propelled blower without having it propel? There isn't a throttle on it or anything?

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