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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by tonygreek, Dec 26, 2013.

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    Make it tie in with the rest of your message. "Bob works hard with his staff to instill his values of caring and integrity in their daily work, and he continues this work in his personal life with his involvement with the youth ministry at [Name] Church as well as his participation in the Ruritan Club." In that way it's all part of your story and it doesn't seem gratuitous.
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    I agree with Tony, about familiarizing customers withyou and relating with you, like mentioning hobbies or interest who would peek a prospective clients interest in someone who not only can provide x service but shares somethings in common
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    When checking out a brand new website relating to just about anything the first click I make in the about us page.
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    Part of me agrees that no one cares about "about us" but I think the biggest reason is because most of these pages are boring and use so much generic wording. I think the about us page can hurt the quality of your site if it is totally boring and sounds generic. But if you can make it exciting and original it can be a huge asset to your site. JMO, im no internet guru. One thing I came up with on my own site though is a heading on my "about" page that says "what we've been up to". In this section I talk a little about where we are business wise as well as what services are being performed at that particular time. For example I have on there now that we are in the process of reviewing and revising our business practices as well as serviceing equipment and making plans for the coming year. Then I go into how all of this allows me to run the most efficient business possible and how that translates into great, reliable, affordable service for clients. It kind of makes the reader feel like they are getting a rare inside view of my business while giving me another angle to sell my services.
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    This is an interesting topic. With the www. we give away too much of our privacy. An "about page" with church, or charities mentioned shows political opinions, which can allianate half the potential customers. I was always told that the more information you provide, the more questions you raise. I have a lot of customers that I've had for over 20 years. I have shared my history and opinions with many. But there are many that I wouldn't share some opinions with.
    When you mention charity work, I'm thinking...advertising expense. Pandering...
    When you mention church, I'm thinking...your forgiven, not innocent among other things....many other things.
    When I see the used car lot named "5 kids used cars" (really) your saying "family man", but I'm reading... you want me to buy groceries...and a lot of them.
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    I wish I could like the previous 2 posts. Very great points Dually. I also agree with SharperImage especially with the spicing up of the page, because it really is boring. Great points. Only place I'd differ slightly is offering insider info into the business or at least not giving away anything proprietary that competitors could use. I can't tell you how many competitors have easily given me the secrets to running an "efficient business" and I've stole them and used them against the competitor. Or better yet, improved them.

    I'm just careful about how much info I give out there at any time because ANYONE is watching: customers, potential customers, police, government, IRS/CRA, competitors, opinionated haters, etc. But that's just my style with running a low personal profile, and keeping it all to WHAT service we offer, WHERE we offer it, WHEN it's offered, and HOW much we charge. The only WHO we give is our name, and a million avenues to contact us (online form, 24hr phone, live chat on website, email), all of which are responded to IMMEDIATELY.
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    I like this train of thought. One critique though is that she says to "reduce cognitive load" and then when picking apart CrowdRise she suggests a better value prop/call to action is "Join the crowd and have a whole lot more fun raising money for charity than you thought possible"

    How about "Start Fundraising Now" with a huge button and link. Done.

    Seriously, tell what you do/how/where/how much, and give the reader as many links/phone numbers to contact you as possible and sign em up. Done.

    A website doesn't exist for an academic to research your company, it exists to sell your product and bring in customers. Get rid of the noise!

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