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Discussion in 'Water Features' started by srh182, Dec 2, 2007.

  1. srh182

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    I am looking in to building an above ground pond so if any one has any pics of above ground ponds like on a patio please post your pic
  2. STL Ponds and Waterfalls

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    This is the only above ground pond pic I have. I tore out the tubs and everything but the big blouders and replaced it with the second picture. The patio and raised windsor bed were already there as you can see in the first pic.

    Why are you wanting to build a raised pond, other than horrible digging conditions?


  3. BrandonV

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    don't hold the concrete against me, someone else screwed up the staining. has since been redone



  4. ICT Bill

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    I like raised ponds a lot especially where someone does a lot of entertaining it is a great place to sit. Measure you favorite chair height, usually around 21", and make the wall that height. It is also a safety thing for small kids. You can watch a small child trying to figure out how exactly to climb this wall, even when you miss the thinking stage it still takes them a minute to get up the wall and you get them before they go to far.

    People always ask about falling in a pond level with the ground. I had a great answer from a customer one time. She is a shrink and does all of her business out of the house, we were beginning to install the pond near the front door. Someone asked "aren't you afraid someone will fall in?", she answered "I don't remember anyone ever falling into my garden so why would they fall now!"

    I usually pour a footer 16" below grade and mortar in a nice stone wall. I always take the customer with me to the stone yard and explain the quality and cost differences. Sometimes we use cinder block for the wall and do a facia of stone. I always fill my cinderblock with cement and put in verticle rebar
  5. koiman

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    Thought I would add a few pics for the raised pond thread.


  6. ICT Bill

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    What's under those redwood boards in the first picture anything from WLIM?
    What kind of external pumps do you like? sequence, wlim?

    All I can say is SWEET, nice stone work on #2 picture
  7. koiman

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    Pic 1

    Lol.............not there, that is a 24"x24" setteling chamber that the skimmer and B/D(spindrifter air dome) feed into. Also at end is the box that contains a 80 lpm air pump and all the ball valves for flow control(Venturi jet/waterfalls). Then it runs through 4 rows of brushes/matela then pump sucks from there(pump is app 30' from the end) and below water app 24". W.Lim 1/4 h.p pump/Ultima 6000/Aqua Ultrviolet 120 UV and then returns. All the rock I make and did all the tile work to match swimming pool (existing) used 18"x18" natural tile. 3500 gal pond.

    Pic 2

    That is RCP stack stone (cultured) over 88 full block, also made all the weirs out of 3 rivers flag 3/4"-1-1/2" minus. And used tumbled 3 rivers for cap on block so as to have the effect of stacking each stone. This uses a Sugerloaf BD with air dome which feeds a seive pre-filter. Pump is a A-1/4-30 perfromance Pro pump which feeds to a Zap-15 UV and a GC-Tek 2.5 alpha one filter. We also added a 40 lpm air pump. 2500 gal pond.

    Thanks ....I do enjoy designing these type systems....................

    best regards,

  8. ICT Bill

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    Did you say that you MADE the rocks. I am guessing the individual ones sitting around.
    I thought at first you were talking about the stacked stone

  9. koiman

    koiman LawnSite Member
    from So.Cal
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    Yea..............there just shells and then you bond together to make any shape you want. They can be hollow or filled which is best for strength.

    rock 1.JPG

    rock 2.JPG

    rock 3.JPG

    rock 4.JPG

    rock 5.JPG

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