Above ground pond?

Discussion in 'Water Features' started by wecruisin, Apr 8, 2006.

  1. wecruisin

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    I saw a "pond" in Petsmart that they're setting up to sell Koi in this year. It's almost like a box made out of cedar lumber and then the pond liner put in it. I was thinking about building a small one of these for our back deck. Anyone here ever done any of these, any pics with ideas for little things to do to dress them up and etc. Thanks ahead of time.

  2. drsogr

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    There aren't too many ways to dress up a cedar box. I know what you are talking about. Its an easy way to set up a pond.
  3. n2h20

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    I have made a few temp pond using 2x6x10's and plywood. NEver got to the point of dressing them up. But i guess seom paint and/or latice against the plywood would soften thing. since it wil be on your patio. maybe you could use some keystone type block instead of the wood.
  4. Acmemechanic

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    I have been looking for a photo of one we did as a display at our nursery about 10 years ago.We got a used Pressure treated/epdm display pond at a auction.We put it at the head of our largest koi pond perched a real 1/2 whiskey barrel with a spillway liner on one corner and pumped from the ground level to the whiskey barrel spilled into the box the cut out a spillway back into the large pond.
  5. Acmemechanic

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    Here is the best I can do

    joey at pond.jpg


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