Above Ground Sprinkler System?

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Green Sweep, Oct 4, 2006.

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    I received a call a few days ago requesting an estimate for an above ground sprinkler system. Hmmm. Thinking that the secretary got part of the message wrong, I called the guy back. Nope! He does want an "above ground" system. He said that residents of this new plan are not permitted to dig or install anything underground. I asked why, and he said that he didn't know, and he gave me the phone number for the developer. I spoke to her, and she verified that absolutely nothing can be installed underground. I asked her why, and could not really get a straight answer. She did say that some of the new homes are already irrigated. My boss was in the area a few days later & decided to take a look. To his amazement, he saw PVC going around the outside of the brick & heads against the brick spraying out into the yards. - Nothing underground. Wow. This entire new plan of half million dollar homes was constructed on top of one of the largest slag dumps in Pittsburgh. Years ago, I was amazed to see that they were even building homes here. We just learned that these homes were constructed on toxic soil, and that there is some kind of "membrane" to prevent the toxins from getting out. That is the reason that no digging is allowed. (On a side note, I found it odd that the homeowner was not privy to this information, and that the representative of the development company would not give this info up either.) In any case, has any of you ever encountered a situation like this? I would prefer not to touch this one.

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    I would run as fast as I can. Last man to touch it is responsible.
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    Wait'll they plant a nice vegetable garden...

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    It would be a easy install and I would give a 30/30 warranty on the piping(30ft or 30 seconds which ever comes first ):nono:
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    I can't believe they built on that soil.

    Well, actually, knowing developers, I do.
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    i don't think it's that uncommon. the golf course by my house was built on an old GM plant. apparently, after excavating about 4' over nine holes worth of acreage, the soil was still to contaminated. so they "capped" it, with some membrane or something, then trucked in a whole S-load of dirt and built the course on that. strangely enough, there's a major drainage problem on the lower holes. go figure.

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    This sounds like something out of the movie Soylent Green, people unable to dig in their own yards due to toxic contamination. Even more scary is none of the "residents" know the reason why, or are even concerned enough to find out why.:dizzy:
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    Same thing here but with an old chemical plant, we did some drainage work on a fairway and had a certain depth we could go till we hit a grayish dirt "cap" which held in the contamination supposedly. The land was leased to the city and the chemical company paid for the course and saved millions on cleanup, pretty good deal for everyone involved.
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    By any chance was this slag dump in Castle Shannon?

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