ABS brakes-Fluid Film-Edger blades

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Turf Dawg, Jan 30, 2008.

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    I can tell you first hand these do not mix well. I was going to lunch today when an older gentleman ran a stop sign. I tested out my trucks ABS and my trailer brakes, they worked and I missed him by about 3 feet. I think my heart shut down for a second. While I was gathering my whits I noticed the car behind me had ran up on curb so I started to move and heard a hissing sound. I turned around and seen that the fluid film and the edger blades fell out of the back seat and into the floorboard, only problem was one of the cans had a hole in the side. Holy crap, by the time I could grab it and put it outside this stuff was everywhere. Well I guess the inside of my truck will not rust anytime soon. I love it when you throw 9 bucks out the window.
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    Tape extra blades up with duct tape to prevent that or another unfortunate accident in the future. I thought you were going to say you got fluid film on the sensor and your brakes failed or something like that. Maybe the Fluid Film will be easier to clean out of your carpet than a petroleum based product. To clean an oil based product it is sometimes beneficial to use another oil that is water soluble, like baby oil for instance. I believe melaleuca oil or jojoba oil would work to cut it too. Then you would clean with soap and water. Contact Fluid Film and I bet they will have a good suggestion for you on clean up. Glad everyone is alright. You could have crawled under your truck real quick and gave it a good undercoat. LOL

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    Thats sucks about the wasted can, but at least your ABS and trailer brakes worked. $9 is a lot less costly and less of a pain in the a** than an accident.

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    Take the $9 hit and and be grateful that you missed the old guy....Besides ...now you have a great smelling work truck .....DETAIL SHOP !!

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