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    Ok pj, for an $11K lawnmower ('09 Super Z) for residential use only, what is the absolute BEST maintenance I can give it to where it'll last me and look 'new' for years to come? Since you work for Hustler (and they should be VERY PROUD that you do), what do YOU recommend?

    I already know what "brand and weights" of oils I'll be using. Just curious to know WHEN they should be changed and HOW OFTEN... What about GREASING the machine? When? How often??

    Also, how often should I wash it? Do I use any soap or chemicals? I don't wanna ruin or cause the wiring, fuse box, or any electrical connections to start corroding or deteriorating. Also don't want bearings/bushings to freeze up or start rusting...

    How often should I wash under the deck?

    Very soon I'll be changing the engine oil and filter, changing the blades, greasing it, and adjusting the air pressure in the tires (Spring maintenance). Should I go ahead and change the hydraulic oil and filter too? It don't have many hours on the hydro oil and filter, but it has set up all winter. The hydraulic oil is expensive (I use Amsoil 20W-50 synthetic motor oil), but I do have a good bit on hand to do it. This would be the 2nd hydraulic oil change with Amsoil since I bought the mower. The filter I would just pick up from my dealer that's about 2 miles away. Again, what would YOU do? Change it or not??
    I have started the machine up probably 4 or 5 times this winter already and let it warm up.

    I'm wanting to start a maintenance schedule for my mower and go by it. I am a huge preventive maintenance freak! I believe in taking care of all my equipment to the best of my ability. Sorry if I sound stupid or or a little ridiculous for doing so.

    The machine has 70 hours on it. Other than a stopped up fuel filter, the mower has been awesome so far.:usflag:

    Thank You,
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    I would stick with the recommended intervals listed in your manuals.
    I would use premium oils also as long as the price isnt a issue.
    As to greasing the unit, again stay with our intervals, use a premium synthetic grease if you like.
    Washing... don't pressure wash it, use a garden hose and whatever you use to wash your vehicles and you will be safe.
    Under the deck, keep it scraped clean, should have a need to wash under there.
    Hydro oil... its not needed yet for the hours you have on the mower, but its something you can do if you like, I personally would only change the filter at this point.

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    I haven't even though about using synthetic grease to grease it... Amsoil it is then!

    The hydro oil and filter has been changed once already, within the 70 hours that it has on it. Just was wondering if I should change it every year or not. What I'm probably gonna do is go ahead and change the oil and filter again this year, since I already have the oil on hand. Then I'll change it every 2 or 3 years. Like the engine oil, I'll never change JUST the oil or JUST the filter. It will always be both at the same time.

    As for the engine oil and filter, I change that atleast once a year regardless of the hours. It's part of my Spring Maintenance.

    I'll look over the manuals again.

    You're Greatly Appreciated!:waving:

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