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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by robsgotit, Apr 10, 2007.

  1. robsgotit

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    hello, my name is rob, a buddy of mine and i are going to try and start up a lawn care biz together, we both currently work in the automotive biz and are frankly very tired of it, we are young 24 and 25 the only problem is we havent got a penny saved to get this ball rolling, i just moved into a house with my g/f that we are renting plus 2 car loans and a pile of bills up to my neck, not to mention my serious car tuning habbit, my buddy also live by himself, were not struggling with money but we just dont have anything we can afford to put towards this right now, and we would like to get started within the month,

    so heres the plan we have come up with, id just like to get some feedback from people how have done it to see if its possible,

    1 hand out 500 flyers in paper boxes for driveway sealing
    2 hope and pray we get at least 50 calls back, we will figure on the way low side of 250$ profit for each driveway thats 12,500 weekends and perhapes some sickdays from work if i dont feel like wrenching
    3 offer other services at the time of sealing to the customers such as, gutter cleaning, pressure washing, mulch and basic spring yard clean-up etc... and let them know we are starting a biz and will be mowing soon and so on
    3 take the large majority of profit to buy equipment,

    and im sure you can see where it will go from there, the thing is i dont know anyone in the biz, so im not sure if this idea is even reasonable, does it seem to far fetched??
    thanks in advance

  2. dloucks

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    I'm new to this particular business but I would guess that 50 out of 500 flyers is WAY optimistic. In fact from what lurking/reading I've seen 1 or 2 out of 500 is a great turn around, and my fear would be that driveway sealing would be even harder to get call-backs unless someone just happened to have that need at the time.
  3. bohiaa

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    1st try getting some customers from where you work.

    2nd partnership is tough. especially with a friend.

    3rdly dloucks is right. expect 2 to 3% call backs on your flyers and 1% of that to turninto a customer.

    in fact I would strongly advise you NOT to go into business with a friend
  4. robsgotit

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    well im figuring spring is here and the majority of the developments we will be passing the flyers out at are older folk communitys, and you know how everyone like ther property looking nice in the spring
  5. robsgotit

    robsgotit LawnSite Member
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    bohiaa-- why not with a friend? did you have a bad experience with this?

    oh and we already have 3 customers

    THEGOLDPRO LawnSite Fanatic
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    Well if i were you. just an opinion...

    Work on cars and save 5 grand. Buy used equipment do it part time and then quit your job. Also sell the car you dump money into and buy some tools.
  7. dloucks

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    I also had an opportunity to go into business with a friend. I have alot of business and management experience....he on the other hand was a horticulture expert with years of greenhouse and farming experience. We had been working on different plans and kept running into problems. He was going to have to quit a part-time job to go into business (he still would have the same weekend shift position I have) but he would need IMMEDIATE income to suppliment his main job. I on the other hand want to dump 100% of any profit into paying for equipment, and having cash on hand to pay any loans during the winter this year (ie I'm not worried about a profit this year, rather building client accounts and accumulating equipment, experience etc).

    This is just one example of how partnerships can be tought....add to it a friendship you aren't interested in losing and it only gets worse. It also doesn't hurt to remember that if you only get 10 accounts your first year, you would only get to the income from 5 of those if you have a partnership.
  8. CoreyD

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    if neither you or your friend have any $$$$ to invest in buying a lawnmower///trailer whatever you'll need.... why do you need your friend? you could do it urself and make more $$

    THEGOLDPRO LawnSite Fanatic
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    For the past 2 years me and my partner (Brother) Have been doing this part time and working full time for other landscaping companies. Even doing it like this it has been an uphill battle. I cant imagine doing it without money tools or even exp in the field. i would try to get into mowing to start off because its steady income and isnt to expensive to get into.
  10. lurch

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    I started with basic homeowner equip and the back of my truck...i've invested-so far-about $1000....which is chump change compared to what some guys invest....the upside to this is i've already broken even and the season isn't even in full swing...i provided a quality job to a couple people and those couple people spoke to other people and the ball got rolling....don't get to discouraged...take it one step at a time and never stop pushing foward...

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