Absolutely insane prices! What's going on?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Howie's Lawn Care, Apr 1, 2006.

  1. Howie's Lawn Care

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    Hey guys,
    I was just driving through the local Ford Dealership and was looking at the F-250s. I'm not in a financial situation to buy one, but then all of a sudden maybe I am. This is going to sound crazy, but they had two 2006 F-250 diesels brand new for $14, ???.00 each. They also had an XL F-250 for $11,9??.00. One sticker said $43,???.00 - $28,???.00 = $14,???.00. I looked around and they had these stickers on various makes and models of other trucks and SUVs. I didn't look at any cars. Have you guys seen any thing like this? Here is a link to one of the $15,000.00 diesels. http://daveknappford.com/pages/present/flm/notlocalized/searchinventory/vehicledetailsnew.asp?orgid=2327&vin=1FTSX21P96EA14065 The stickers say, "see sales associate for details." I don't know what to think, its the most amazing thing I've ever seen in my life. Unfortunately, its true. I'd say you could buy one and turn around and sell it for a huge profit. Let me know what you guys think or know about this.
    -Nick Howard
  2. ToroLandscaper

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    Maybe its just a way to get you talkin to a sales person...idk im interested what others think!
  3. jtkplc

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    Sounds to good to be true. There has to be a catch, I can't believe they could sell one for $15,000.
  4. Splicer

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    Bad link...

    In '87 I bought a Ford Ranger king cab, every option available...$18,000

    NO way are you going to get a $43,000 truck for $15,000...Too good to be true, it probably is.
  5. northernsvc's

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    sounds like im driving to ohio for a new truck, if it is true, but yea there has to be a catch.
  6. dkeisala

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    $15,000 is what I paid for my '98 stripped down F250 w/ gas engine when I bought it new. My 2003 F350 V10 was $20,000 for the cab and chassis before the dump body was put on. It's gotta be a gimmick.
  7. promower

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    I heard of a dealership called Dave Smith autos, I think that was the name. He sells vehicles just over wholesale but sells hundreds per week. I heard his prices were really cheap, I've never been to the dealership so take what I say with a grain of salt. 15K for a new 06 diesel sounds to good to be true though, its probably an add for a lease and 15K is what you will pay over 2-3 years with balance due at the end of the lease.
  8. topsites

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    I got it working:

    But where's the 15k sticker, am I missing something?
    I'm thinking the stuff with 43-28 = 14 is something to do with a lease or special payment plan, nothing else.
    Probably some thing like the first 4-5 years are interest free in which time you pay off the first 28k which then leaves you with 14k worth of interest-bearing debt.
    Translation: It still costs 43.

    p.s.: do let me know if I'm wrong, I'll fly up there in a borrowed aircraft to buy one lol
  9. sheshovel

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    Maaybe a huge intrest rate on the loan?To make up the $$ that is not on the sticker price?
    Geeze I hope so!I just got my 97 F150 for 9000.00 with interest 12000.00..this is gonna make me SICK!
  10. SouthernFried

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    April Fools?

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