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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by A+ Lawncare, Apr 18, 2005.

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    how many of ya operate trucks w/no AC units? is it really that bad in the summer w/o air..... figured you could just roll down the window to get a draft it is a work truck so u gotta be able to sacrifice comfronts. but then again, maybe i'de like to install a new unit, how much would this cost in parts & labor?

    i also hear in the past from LCO that they actually ripped the AC units out b/c of comin in & out of the heat to cold air is not healthy.... the same guy i heard this from, had health problems, i think a heat stroke from this...
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    My truck has a/c but when working i don't use it. At my old job we had a dump with a/c and all of us would get sick from sitting in the cold a$$ truck and then getting out and getting hot as he!! then repeat until fully cooked. For some reason the hot to cold over and over would just kill all of us and end up feeling sick. So I just don't use my a/c while working but its great for trips or when i'm not getting in and out.

    To put an a/c in a vehicle your going to have 2 choices, either find a donor truck and get the a/c unit from it and put it into your truck or you can buy aftermarket systems. Never looked into aftermarket systems but I think they're pretty pricey (have to be at least 700). I know how to switch in and out a/c because of my race car and i part out vehicles for extra cash and basicly theres the unit that is on the firewall and under the dash, your controls, duct work under the dash, the pump and all the lines, then the radiator up front for it or the condensor whatever its called. its not impossible, but it sucks. To pull an a/c system from an older monte carlo i can do it in probably 2 hours, but depending on the truck it would take longer. like a 88 chevy truck lets say it would be fairly easy since theres not alot, get into the newer trucks with all the wiring and junk and your gunna be there all day. hope that helps.
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    we're in central/east texas and in the summer 100's aren't uncommon. i never run my AC. maybe it's cause as a kid in the 60s most of the cars didn't have it, but i like good old highway air. i guess i'm odd but i like to hear the noise and smell the great outdoors. we live in a rural area and the 3 towns we work in are all about 25 miles away (i always tell customers we're conveniently located in the middle of nowhere) and run from 25k pop. to 100k pop.
    maybe in a large smelly town like houston i'd fell less nostalgic about it, but AC is not on my list of must haves. my wife grew up in northern michigan and doesn't need AC unless we're going out and has the hair thing going. she works with me and doesn't gripe (except when she's feeling yankee'ish).

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