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    I think this is the best place to put this question. On my 6600 combine can i add refrigerant to the air condition unit? where can i buy the refrigerant?
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    Check the label on the system, maybe a label on the compressor? You can buy the stuff that is commonly used in modern auto a/c systems at any auto parts store. I used to have to add refrigerant to my old suburban every summer. project cost, maybe 50 bucks or less. complexity: a little harder than putting air in your tires. Read the directions.
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    The refridgerent in a 6600 will be R-12 by design. I am sure there is a product available that is a R-12 substitute as it is no longer available. You need a set of gauges to charge the system. You can get the set from an auto parts store. Read the directions before attempting, really.

    Below is a 6600/7700/7720/8820 rant..

    Spent many hours in a 6600 in the rolling hills of ND. My what a POS. Leave it to Deere to put the engine right next to the operator, as if you needed an added heat source in Aug. while combining. It was loud, dusty, and under powered. I much prefered running the 914 pull type. Sit in a nice 4X4 tractor 15' from the combine in relative quiet and cool environment. Just needed to reexperience the past.
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    Freeze 12 is a drop in replacment and is readily available.
    I have used 100's of pounds of it.

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