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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by basic lawn, Mar 18, 2003.

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    Today I paid a large amount of money to a major university (cooperative extension ) in order to enhance my knowledge of shrubs.

    I was told by the main speaker, that the gas hedge trimmer was the enemy. He suggested that we should trim HEDGES, listen to this- by hand- manually, one branch at the time.....

    He actually went to the gardens and showed us hedges trimmed this way. They looked Uneven-- to say the least. The only good thing he claimed is that it is harder to see the tips because you are trimming deep. And he claims he has to only trim once a year, except that in my opinion it takes about 100 times as long as others that use hedge trimmer.

    Seriously, should I ask for a refund? Also, we were asked to bring hedge trimmer and when we got therr, we are told that "the hedge trimmer" is the enemy.

    Fortuantely the other 1/2 of the workshop focused on trees & was taught by an Arborist with real life experiences.

    YEs, i am going to ask for a 50% refund.

    Now, should I ask for my money back?
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    Dude, you wanted to increase your knloage of hedges, I'd say they taught you the proper way to prune them. Why would you need a refund? I doubt they told you they were going to teach the fastest way to prune them. Gas hedge trimmers are for convenience obviously the commercial gardener isn't going to have time to properly trim shrubs. Think about it do you really think the proper way to prune a plant or shrub is to shear it stems, leafs, and all into a box or a sphere? Plants don't naturaly grow into these shapes nor should they it's just apealing to the eye. Sorry, not trying to be rude I've just had years of these types of classes beat into my head that there's more to our work than what we can do w/ our gas powered tools.


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