Accalim Extra vs Drive 75

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by rschuerholz, Aug 1, 2008.

  1. rschuerholz

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    I need to purchase some post emergent crabgrass killer. The lesco rep seemed to steer me more towards Acclaim as a better product for all crabgrass stages and better for mature c-grass. However it seems Drive may be just as affective, if not more from what i've seen and heard. So my question is with both being a high cost product what have you all seen as more effective? and better choice?
  2. group501

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    We use Drive on our NJ lawns and Acclaim on the NY lawns. Both products work well.I feel that Drive when mixed with MSO is just as effective as Acclaim. Drive also has no odor and does not need to be applied to the point of run off, making it a quicker spray. Just as a note, we still use the indicator dye on larger lawns even though the MSO leaves a small shine to sprayed areas.

    PSUTURFGEEK LawnSite Senior Member
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    I would still always reccomend keeping both on hand due to the different Tiller stages, or you can become an expert with msma and this would also save you some money.
  4. group501

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    I would not trust a technician to apply msma in the heat. Some of our new properties are getting hammered with crabgrass this year and we are using alot of product. The chance of burn IMHO is too high with msa.
  5. heritage

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    It's always good to have many choices on hand, as no 2 lawns have the same issues.

    Rotation IS also very good and should be "Standardized" in our industry IMHO.

  6. Fert33

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    I second that. having both is good.
  7. Marcos

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    I would use Acclaim if crabgrass, foxtail, or goosegrass are the only weeds you're going after.

    I'd use Drive if you have multiple weed issues with monocots/dicots, for example, with things like crab, clover, dandelion........and you have the urgency to reseed the area in the near future.
    Drive 75 DF will give you that flexibility to sow most species of seed without interfering w/ germination a whole lot.
  8. WildLake

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    Ive been having mixed results with Drive. Some crabgrass will be smoked in a few days and a clump 4 inches away will look like it was never touched. My lesco guy said not to use mso, its too hot and turf will be injured. Is lack of mso my problem?

    LIBERTYLANDSCAPING LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I'd say the lack of MSO is your problem. I spray cases of Drive every year to newly seeded lawns w/ all tiller stages of crabgrass & have always had great luck @ all stages of growth. Only times I had to respray some was when I had some skips in my pattern:eek:

    I don't know what those that have problems are using, but I use a Z-Spray, putting down 1 gal./k:) If it's really infested, I go over it 2 times w/ half the rate to make sure I got good coverage. Also, remember that there is root activity as well as foliar, so it needs watered in after 24 hours for all the action to take place.
  10. junior091273

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    Always used Drive with a spreader sticker. All stages.

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