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Accelerator Bagger Questoin

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I've found an accelerator bagger for what I think is a good price, we called the guy today and he says that it has been used only twice because he didn't like how bulky it was. He is asking $250 for the bagger and the extender.

So my questions are...

1. What would be a fair price for both (I do have to drive an hour to see them)?

2. Will it fit on a Scag 52" advantage deck (how does the accelerator work in general, are they all the same bagger just different mounts or are there different size openings for each mower)?

3. Approx. how much does a mounting bracket cost if needed?

And in your opinion, would it be better to...

1. Buy a new bagger and stick with a cheap handheld blower for leaf cleanups?

2. Forget the bagger and buy a nice top of the line (br 600 power) blower and use a tarp for leaves?

3. Buy this bagger and buy a used less powerful (br 380, 420, 500, 550,etc) blower?

I just don't want to buy the bagger then find out that I'd rather have a nicer blower, or vice versa, my current blower is a handheld "weedeater" blower that is old but still works.

Thanks so much guys, and God Bless you all big time! :)
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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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