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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Roger, Jul 12, 2007.

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    I have a John Deere 717A (Z-trak ZTR), 48" deck. It is just a little more than one year old. I have always used it for discharge only. However, I have a couple of jobs that have mulched tree circles, beds, etc that make it difficult to keep clippings where they belong. Now, those properties are mowed with my 21" hand mower, with bagger. In the Spring, the 17K sq ft front yard yielded 27-29 LawnBoy bags. Now, it is down to 8-12 bags per week.

    I am considering getting an Accelerator bagger for these properties, only when the bagging load is relatively low. I do not want the expense, or the added size of equipment of a spindle-driven bagger. My intention is NOT to do much bagging, especially in heavy growth times.

    Accelerator makes two baggers that will work. In an e-mail exchange with them, they suggested the larger model. The models:

    Regular, 4.15 cu ft
    XL, 6.2 cu ft

    For those using these hang-on baggers on a ZTR, what are your experiences? Is the XL too big to manage when filled (partially filled?) with grass clippings?

    I have a Grass Gobbler, 3.3 cu ft (I think?), I use on my Exmark 36" w/b. I know it is a real load to handle when full, but the unit itself is steel, and heavy. This makes be wonder about the XL being totally unruly for grass clippings. Yes, it undoubtedly would be used for final cleanup during leaf season, and those loads are different. I would never intend to use it as a primary method of leaf removal, only as a final cleanup after mulching. If my size specifications are right, the XL would be nearly twice the capacity of my Gobbler. I don't see how I could take it off the machine and dump it into my trailer. If it is too heavy to manage, I could envision raking out the clippings, from the open back door, onto a tarp, then dumping into the trailer.

    I saw another LCO in one neighborhood I work with an Accelerator on a Wright Sentar 52" machine. I asked him about it, and he was pleased with how it worked. He was unable to tell me which model, "... it is just what they gave me when I asked to include a bagger when I bought the machine last year." It looked very small, not unlike my Grass Gobbler. He had it full, and it was heavy, like my Gobbler when full. When I lifted it, I knew I could dump that bagger without much difficulty.

    I'm looking for experienced comments about Accelerator baggers for ZTR mowers. Thanks.

    P.S. I am not a big brute of a guy -- 5-9, 170#, and nearly 66 years old. So, don't expect my physical capabilities to equal that of a 25 yo, 6-4, 250#.
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    I've got an Accelerator XL catcher and extender(~9.6 cu ft.) and I use it for pretty much the same purposes as you do. I'm 15, 6' 180 lbs. When I first recieved the acclerator I was suprised with its light weight. With a full load of some real wet grass it does get a little heavy when lifting it to dump into the back of a truck, thank God for bed caps. But then again, 4.15 cu ft. means alot of trips back to your dump site. I guess what I'd reccomend would be the 4.15 w/ the extender. You'd still get the benefits of a 7.5 cu ft. catcher plus you get the weight benefit of the 4.15 cu ft model. With the extender, you basically split the total load in half when unloading because the "back door" is now in the middle.
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    Nobody else with comments? Does the silence say the idea is a bad one?

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