Accelerator Grass Catcher

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    Accelerator Grass Catcher:::: Make offer!!!

    When it became time to develop a grass catcher that was worthy of your Quick™ mower, we decided to go with one of the most respected names in the lawn-care business, Accelerator Industries. The custom-built, all-aluminum Accelerator catcher is the finest of its type. Fabricated from rust-proof 6061 aluminum and then MIG welded with reinforced corners, these catchers are extremely durable yet lightweight. With a capacity of 4.15 cubic feet, they'll hold a good amount of Spring and Summer grass clippings or make your Autumn leaf clean-up much easier. The large tubular handle makes it easy to carry when full and the removable back door provides you with two options for emptying. For use on any size Quick™ mower.

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