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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Lasko's Lawn Service, Mar 24, 2008.

  1. Lasko's Lawn Service

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    I'm a big time mulcher guy. I mulch almost every property we service. I hate picking up leaves however, I've got a few clients that really like it when I vacuum their lawns. I've been using a regular lawn tractor with a bagging system for just these couple of clients. I'd really like to sell this piece of equipment because I can't justify keeping it for 4 hours of work a year. Anyway, I have a 48" Scag tiger cub and was wondering if these aluminum grass catcher work well or not. Like I said I have only a couple of places that really want this done but I don't want to shell out 2000.00 for a power grass catcher system. With a price tag of 300-400 bucks I'm curious if I can get by with one of these....
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    The accelerator is a good catcher for grass clippings and a small amount of leaf removal. However, if there are a lot of leaves or real thick it will fill up fast. The best way I have found to use the acelerator with a lot of leaves is to leave the catcher off and "windrow" the leaves. In other words, turn the mower in toward where you still have not mowed and just keep running over the leaves until they are mulched up then throw on the accelerator and bag the mulched debri. I, like you, HATE to bag a yard, I mulch all mine unless they threaten me I will not bag it!
  3. grass_cuttin_fool

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    Yep what Danny fills up quick but I have one on a 48'' tiger cub and it works great...I side discharge 98% of the time and have an OCDC but there are times that I need a catcher for some small areas

  4. ffemt1271

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    here's my leaf chipper/shredder vac w/10' vac hose. i have it fixed where i can put a 4" pipe on the discharge and over into the back of the truck or trailer or i have a 2 bushel bag that i can put on it and roll it around and vac out beds, then empty it into bigger bags. it will also chip up a 3" limbs.


  5. Jay Ray

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    I'm guessing a Mackissic or a Patriot? How many hp? Do you use PVC all the way into the box? And do you feel like it goes fairly fast, not slow?
  6. rogerwb

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    Exactly what I do works great. 3 to 4 times the leaves in the catcher.
  7. Lasko's Lawn Service

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    I'm a little lost you suck up the leaves with this unit and then shoot them directly into the accelerator which you dump somewhere? Or do you blow the leaves into a pile and suck them up and into a truck?....
  8. ffemt1271

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    it's a 6 hp mackissick, i can blow them into the truck or trailer with a discharge pipe(pvc all the way) on it. or into a 2 1/2 bushel cloth bag which can be dimpet into bigger bags, or truck or wherever. it goes very fast, unless the leaves are wet. it's kinda slow on the limb chipping if they are big. this unit is designed to discharge onto the ground but i put the pipe on there to make it more useful to me. kinda useless to rake em up and spit em back out on the ground and have to scoop them back up. if anyone modifies one like this be sure to avoid 90's in the pipe.
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    Hello Mercer. I grew up in Grove City. I do most of my work with a TT but I use a 48" Scag WB with an accelerator on a few locations where picky customers are willing to pay for the extras. I find it helps me where some other LCO's refuse to tred. These customers know they are a PITA. It does fill up fast with the 48". There is an extender that goes with it for leaves. If you buy one and decide you want an extender let me know I have one I don't use that I'll let go cheep. I used it twice. Plus I have an extra bracket to bolt to the mower. I come to Pa a couple times a year so you can see it before you buy. If you need the bracket I'll mail it.

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    The Accelerater Xl Works Well,you Have To Have High Lift Bades On The Machine.the More Lift The Better,blows It Right Into The Bagger And Tight.i Had To Try Alot Of Different Types Of Blades To Get The Results,that I Wanted.

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