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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bladelawn, Apr 4, 2007.

  1. bladelawn

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    Hey, I wanna know what you guys think. What is the threshold for acceptable hours on a used z-turn? Do some brands hold up better than others? I am looking at a few exmarks with around 1500 hrs and around 2000-01 model years. Any advice would be appreciated...
  2. LawnMower

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    My Bob Cat 60 inch zero turn with 25 hp Kohler has exactly 2000 on her . It started nickle and diming me last season. It still runs and cuts fine, but I'm starting to replace stuff. Hydro pumps, battery, PTO clutch and a bunch of other stuff. The engine doesn't seem to have as power as it used too.

    I just order a new Zero turn because of the hours on my present mower. But I'm sure its going to last me another 2000 hours judging from how its running now.

    If the mower your looking at has had a lot replaced on it lately then Its probably a good mower. But if nothings really been replaced I wouldn't buy it.

    I would rather have a payment for a new mower that's making money then repair bills for an older mower. When an older mower is in the shop your still paying but your not making any money.
  3. snowshreadr4ever

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    hey man, i have leanred alot about used exmarks because when i was first in the market i wanted a used one.

    first off, exmarks will hold up very well for along time, though 1500+ hours is kinda risky. Many of the big components such as hydro pumps will start to go around this time. I'd look for something between 800 and 1300 if you MUST have a used one.

    Also, who used it and how well it was maintained is an obvious factor. Note that if the machine was ran by people that didnt own it, it was probally not taken care of very well.

    this is what i did:
    as i said i was looking at used mowers originally. I ended up buying an 06' exmark 60" with .3 hours on it for $7500. I put it on a 5 year payment plan where i only have to pay 200 dollars a month. Over the 5 years, it will be around $500 dollars in interest (built into payment). A used machine with around 1000 hours on it will sell for about $5000. I plan on selling my machine when it reaches this time, cutting my deficit to only $3,000. Now i have all the money saved from the increased work productivity and it only cost me $3,000. I can now go buy a new one and keep letting my money grow.
  4. J&R Landscaping

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    Its going to depend on who owned the machine and how it was maintained. I had a ZTR go to 3400 hours before I sold it. It had a 22hop kohler engine on it (on the original build). The guy who bought it off of me is using it again this season and hasnt had any problems with it thus far.

    On average though, 1500 or so is reasonable.
  5. bladelawn

    bladelawn LawnSite Member
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    ok, thanks for the input. does it vary from brand to brand, or do you guys stick with one brand? From experience and what Ive heard, exmarks are the best.
  6. desii

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    Two of my Lazers Z's have 1500 and 1800 hrs on them. Both had the motors (short blocks) replaced at around 250 hrs (under warranty) and one of them had a wheel motor replaced ($600) last year. Both are Kohler 27's, 60" cut. Other than that, I'd say they have at least another 1500 hrs in them.

    I also have 2 Turf Tracers with Kohler 25's and 52" decks. Same thing, 1400 and 1500 hrs and no problems with engine or hydro systems.

    All 4 had fluids and filters changed regularly - which is key. All machines were purchased new, so I know how they have been taken care of.
  7. MJB

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    If the mowers are priced right and not beat up I wouldn't shy away from them. An engine can be replaced. My 2000 Lazer Z just got new pumps and wheel motors $2000 worth but it'll run another 3000 hrs. Has just over 3200 now, and on the 2nd engine. To good to get rid of.
  8. rodfather

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    The threshold for the number of hours for a used Z is gonna depend on how much you plan on using it. If it is purely backup and gonna sit most of the time, 2000 is probably ok. If it's gonna get put into production on a dialy use, personally I wouldn't go over 1200 hours.

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