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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Gr8WhiteNorth, Feb 21, 2012.


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    Then when she comes to the door be like hey im here to trim your bushes. all drenched in sweat and panting.
  2. Darryl G

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    I'm not your big lazy fat ass kind of guy...I look good on a bike, lol.

    It's only about a mile to their house and half of it is across my rear acreage....the rest is downhill. I got the job BTW. The guy was new to the area and had seen me and my truck at the post office and wrote down my number. But I've taken the bike, the VW van, a Taurus station wagon, the Honda station wagon and trucks. I've usually got at least 3 vehicles to choose from but it's usually my truck these days. It doesn't seem to matter. I tell them what I'm driving on the phone when I call to confirm my appointment so they know.
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    Are we talking an estimate for a Landscape project, just grass cutting or something else?
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    If you ride your bike, how do you bring all your estimate materials? catalogs, samples, measuring reel, etc....
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    No offense, Darryl. I love ya, man. But showing up on a bike? VW Van??? I'm not sure what kind of area you work in or what kind of jobs you're pulling down but that wouldn't fly in my area. You'd never land the nice landscaping jobs around the areas we work in if you showed up in something like that. You'd just land the jobs from the cheapskates and that's it.
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    Easy there. Fat yes, lazy no. Just to clarify.

    I don't think what you drive is that critical as long as it doesn't draw too much attention (flashy or trashy). Now, the tree guy who came out to my house and had to be driven there by his wife because of his DUI - that was a strike against.
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    On some nice days Ill take out my 1969 Mach I mustang to give estimates, and other days Ill take out the 2007 GT mustang. But usually it's the 1/2 Silverado. The mustangs give nice conversation pieces and seems to help build a relationship with the client.
  8. Darryl G

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    The "bike job" was for reclaiming an overgrown property that had been on the market for some time and was recently purchased by my customer, and for maintaining it thereafter.

    The VW van was not a "hippy mobile". We're talking a modern $30,000+ vehicle sparkling clean and fully loaded with all options. In fact it was great for estimating because it had the weekender package which includes a little pop-out dinette a portable office. I got nothing but positive comments on it when I used it for estimates. I could sit in comfort and prepare the estimate on my laptop, print it out and review it with my customer, sitting face-to-face with them since the middle row seats face backwards. There was even standup height in it with the top popped up. I just sold it a couple of weeks ago for 2/3 of what I paid for it new, and it was 10 years old.

    Here it is next to the Altima I got instead.

  9. Darryl G

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    Here's a pic of the mobile office. That table against the wall flips out.

    EurovanForSale2 017.jpg

    EurovanForSale2 001.jpg
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    tough call. I would imagine that might intimidate some customers.

    They might think you charge too much, make too much money

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