Accepting Credit Cards: Methods

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by RLLServicesCT, Jan 30, 2012.

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    Well, I recently began taking credit cards and I do like the speed at which we can now receive the payment. People can be SO SLOW to sit down and write a check!
    But heres what I'm after....METHODS other than in person (I have Intuit on iPhone)

    By mail?...How does one go about to provide a secure means?

    Website?...Yes theres that, it works, fine.

    Over the phone...I hate picking up a call when they want to process a payment because I'm always on the road. People will still call me personally, not my book lady(at the office). recive credit card by mailings, its smoother in the long run, but how can we present this to a customer to make it secure? We provide security envelops anyway, but I would just like to know if others offer this as a form of payment and how?
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    I can't really help you on the methods other than having really trusting customers that allow you to collect credit card information to process on your own time :laugh: But you say you use intuit on your iPhone. My question is how does that work with large transactions. I ask because i am using square and so far have had no problems swiping thousands of dollars (other than the 2.75% lose) but was wondering if intuit had anything better for accepting larger amounts?
  3. RLLServicesCT

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    It's about the same for larger amounts. What's good and bad about intuit is that it's very simple, straightforward, and reliable. There's no monthly fees, straight 2.7% charge for any SWIPED card no matter the amount. If I'm selling a job that I know they will charge a CC, I always factor that in, however if I know they're paying by check or cash we always expressly identify a discount of sorts. To me it's not worth swiping anything over $1000, because it's the BS bills like $400-500 that takes some folks forever to pay. THOSE are why I use the CC for anyway. The problem with manual
    entering is the rate goes to 3.7%. I love it, great to have... and really easy to knock on the door to collect and get paid RIGHT THEN AND THERE, without worrying if the check is good. Ive never used square, but 2.75% isn't bad for any amount and if you like it stick with them. Intuit is free to begin with and they give you a basic swiper for free. I bought the fancy swiper for $80 because I'd break the free one anyway. $80 initial investment? It's good just to have it and easy synch with quickbooks and detailed item usage for tracking your work volume/material travels.
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    We auto charge their cards through Service Autopilot. Take their information one time and then store it in the software and when their bill is due, just hit the charge button.

    You have to make sure you are PCI compliant if you want to store their card info or you can get yourself in huge trouble. Thats the nice thing about using SA, they take care of the compliance issue for you.
  5. GreenI.A.

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    As mentioned above manually entering the credit card number will usually result in a higher processing charge, usually .5-1% higher than swiping. Simply because their is a higher security risk. It's hard for a customer to dispute the charges if you swiped the card, but if you manually enter it is hard to prove it was authorized. Some processing companies also hold the funds upto 30days when the card is entered manually. They basically weight untill the customer receives their bill and does not dispute it before they will release the money. I worked with my processing company and explained to them the issues I had and that a large amount of our customers supplied a card number and were billed throughout the year. Between myself, my attorney and the processing companies attorney we came up with an authorization form for my customers to sign which prevents them from needing to hold the funds. This way I still get it deposited next day and at the same rate as if I swiped the card on site.
  6. Rockwell Property Maint.

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    I've used Paypal Invoicing before. I think it's like 3.2%.
  7. shillins24

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    check out Good rates, free to sign up and you can swipe a card or maunally type it in. They sent you the swipper for free, hooks right up to your smartphone and email you and the clients a receipt once transaction is complete... I always carry it in the truck, comes in handy
  8. GreenI.A.

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    I use a different merchant for most of my CC transactions. But I do also use square to process credit card sales on site, mainly for things like irrigation service calls where a person wants to by by credit card.

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