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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by smarino21, Feb 14, 2006.

  1. smarino21

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    I Was Intrested In Accepting Credit Cards.? Were Do You Go To Start This The Bank Or Who, Also To Set Up To Put Peopl Eon Payroll?
  2. JimLewis

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    As for merchant processing (credit cards) if you have good credit, the best place to go is either to your bank or Costco. If you don't have good credit then there are plenty of merchant services online, for instance; is a good one.

    As for payroll, there are 5 basic options.

    1) Do it yourself using Quickbooks. You have to pay a quarterly or yearly fee to "subscribe" to their tax table updating service. But once you do that, it's relatively simple. You create your own paychecks. You create and file your own taxes, tax filings, etc.

    2) Use Intuit's Payroll processing service. Any recent version of Quickbooks has a link. Or go straight to their website; They will take care of all your payroll, paychecks, taxes, tax filings, etc. You just get the money to the bank on Payday and sign the tax forms and send them in.

    big advantage: best price for a full service payroll company
    big dis-advantage: You are dealing with a company who is probably thousands of miles away. All checks are mailed to you. If there is a mistake with payroll or taxes, you will have a several day delay as they mail out your corrected paperwork or check and send it across 7 states on the back of a donkey. And you don't get a personal "payroll specialist" who knows you and remembers your preferences, etc.

    3) ADP. . Unless you really like paying bookoo bucks or unless you have 100 employees, I don't recommend this company.

    4) Paychex. Good company. Affordable for the small business owner. Reliable. They spell everything out for you. Same as option 2 in the sense that they do basically everything for you.

    5) PrimePay. . They are basically the same as PrimePay. Except they are less expensive and they aren't in every state. This is who I use. Same as option 2 in the sense that they do basically everything for you.

    The big advantage to options 3-5 is they are local. If you fire an employee and need a check right away, or if you own a corporation and need a paycheck for yourself (as an employee) right away, or if there is a mistake on someone's paycheck (it happens!) then you can just call them and they will issue another check same-day. In addition, you get a personal "payroll specialist" who remembers you, your preferences, calls you to remind you about payroll, etc. This is really nice.

    So there's your answers in a nutshell. I'll be up until 1:30 if you need anything else. And no charge for this session. :D

    TWINTREESLAWN LawnSite Member
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    We started to take credit cards in Oct. Best business move we made. Of course it was my wifes idea. This really helps your late payers who have a hard time keeping up with there bills. If you have a customer who is late you can call them and get payment faster. I have already had customers call just prior form due date wanting to pay with credit card to avoid late charges. We also hired a accounted to do are payroll. I have three employees, she takes out all necessary withholding and mails them their checks. I think she charges $30 per month. It has made my life easier.
  4. smarino21

    smarino21 LawnSite Senior Member
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    thanks a lot guys have you ever tried to get the number for the card and take it automatically out every month for services. of course with consent of customer.

    TWINTREESLAWN LawnSite Member
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    We offer it for customers and we have had a great response. Saves on postage and hassles trying to collect small payments. On contracts we tell customers what their season amount is and then give them choices for payment. You would be surprised how many people pay for the whole season up front. We do offer a discount for customers who do this. It is great having some extra cash at the beginning of the season for start-up costs.
  6. nherweck

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    I process through American Bancard, LLC. So far, they have been perfect for me. Low costs and the process is real easy. All I do is take a wireless terminal (with the wireless capability disabled, to save 20-30 per month), swipe the card, have the person sign the receipt, then when I get home that night, I plug it into the phone line, run all transactions through with the touch of a few buttons, and 2 days later I receive the payment in my bank account. If you'd like more information about this company, please let me know and I'll get you it. They also give you FREE terminals as long as you stay with them (which is what I use).
  7. battags

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    Last year I became 'preferred vendor' for B.P. Oil (gas stations). I have several accounts and had to set up American Express accounts with each store. The managers give me their locations card information and we process it directly through American Express. We had to add a processing fee but it is pretty painless. We get the checks from AmEx within a few days of processing the bill.

  8. ArizPestWeed

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    No one has mentioned Quick Books .
    It's included with the program and is very easy to use.
    I would not do it anyother way
  9. nherweck

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    arisweedhead - What are the fees for quick books though? From what I've heard, they're quite pricy compared to a few companies I've used.
  10. dsmrolla06

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    I actually just called quickbooks today about this. From what i gathered:
    17.95 monthly fee
    No application fee
    59.95 initial setup fee
    1.76% for swiped card
    2.44% for key entered card
    .23 per transaction
    monthly minimum of $20 in transaction fees.

    I did not ask as to whethere the montly fees could be set up seasonally or not. But the lady (who i had a hard time understanding) said that they have an autobill feature where theyll take out the same amount the same day. I didnt like this feature, however she said they can store the credit card info so that i can bill them for the amount i need and when i need it. I think this should work out fairly well. How do these prices compare to others? Also i am going to go to the bank tomorrow to set up business accounts, and will talk to them about it, however i have 0 credit. Any suggestions to this?

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