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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by NC_Irrigator, Jan 31, 2007.

  1. NC_Irrigator

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    How many of you guys accept credit cards? I literally have a couple of people a year ask if i accept. I know im not losing business because i currently dont accept any.

    Expensive to set up? Downfalls? Any good results?

    Im just wondering if i was to place the M/C VISA symbols at the bottom of my invoices, would people pay quicker? or choose to use it..
  2. Flow Control

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    Figure on the average of 2.2-3% in fees per transaction plus a few dollars a month for admin. fees. Try to buy a used terminal off ebay that can be reprogrammed by your provider instead of paying full price for a new one, you will save a $100 or so. Make sure that whatever machine you get is up to date. The newer machines will only show the last 4 digits of someones card on the receipt. Since you are a service company they will try to push the wireless hand held machines on you that you can take in the field, just evaluate if you really need them. I don't use mine that much because I don't push it unless if I see it could be a sales tool on a install or large repair/upgrade. Some people just expect a company to take Visa/MC. Go to for bids. I use Bank of America.
  3. SprinklerGuy

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    I know of a guy who may be able to help with a good deal on the in fact.....but read the fine print. I have some buddies that use him....give him a call

    Bill Janis

    Tell him Tony Neumann sent you....good luck.....
  4. bicmudpuppy

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    Talk to your bank. If you can keep your pos right at your computer, you don't have to have the machine. You can do it through a computer portal as well. Depends on the provider, etc. The more volume you do in credit cards, the better your overall fee will be. If your only doing one here or there, the fees could jump over 3%. And it sounds corny, but I've done a few cards through paypal. The fees are bad, but to close a deal it worked out on a few installs. The guy just didn't get as good a final deal as cash.
  5. GreenN'Clean

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    I was going to do it last year and talked about it with my existing customers and none of them wanted to pay with a credit card so I decided not to do it. It doesn't seem worth the it, plus the fees and the fact no one wants to pay with a CC.
  6. Grass-Masters

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    I am sure it won't hurt you to accept them. Alot of people only use plastic, even with there checking accounts. I don't think it will change your business much, but it could who knows.
  7. billsdepot

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    I started accepting credit cards last year. It has worked to my benefit. Customers that I have for lawn maint. use it for convienence. It helps me with cash flow because I am not waiting 14 days for payment. I get the money in 2 days. It also has helped me in landing higher end work because customers either don't have the cash in the bank or wish to float it for 30 days. To cover the expense of offering credit cards I increased ALL my lawn maint. contracts 2% in case they wish to use a credit card along with putting in my bids on other services I offer. I don't need a terminal as the company I use allows me to enter the required info online. I have a document I use for the customer to sign for an approval to charge their card.
  8. Repairs

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    One of the best things about accepting cc's is it can get you paid faster. I even give discounts to customers who pay the same day the work is done.
  9. londonrain

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    I accept credit card payments via paypal.
  10. gusbuster

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    Now a days, it's at a point that you have to accept credit cards if you want business. I know very few people besides myself, my wife mom and dad who actually will have at least $50 in their wallet.

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